Morning Ladies

I was just wondering what symptoms (if any) you've had leading up to Ovulation?

At the moment I have been getting a stitch down my left side and cramps in my lower abdomen :\?

Lou xxx


  • hiya, i get really achy hips, then a few aches/cramps in my lower abdomen, and then after i have ov'd i get sore nipples so i no i have lol. dunno if that hepls much? but i reckon u r probly getting ready to ov? so get bd'ing just in case image good luck xxx
  • Thanks hun definately going to be bd'ing alot the next 2 weeks....because I dont know if i am going to have a 30 day or a 39 day cycle as the last two have been I calulated both 30 and 39 day cycle and well from Monday 28th until Sunday 11th I could be OV (hopefully lol) so we are going to be at it like bunnies for the next two weeks....OH is well prepared lol.

    You still testing on Friday hun? xx
  • lol yeah thats the best thing, just bd as much as poss all month then u cant go wrong, yeah testing friday, not too far now : wooop! fingers crossed image xxx
  • well I shall be on here waiting for your BFP hun image
  • eeeeeeeek! im so excited lol. i really hope this is it! good luck bding! mwah xxxx
  • I am sure it will be hun and here's hoping that I wont be far behind you image xxx
  • i hope so too image

    baby dust x
  • what symptoms have you been having apart from sore (.)(.) xx
  • well havent really got sore (.)(.) its weird, like i have had a few satbbing pains in my boob since yesterday, like in the middle? im 10dpo. and i think they seem a little bigger (may be me wishful thinking tho) but theyre not really sore? its odd, and ive had sort f pulling/twinging in my lower tum since 7-8dpo. bit dizzy too, but again, may be all in my head lol. u ? xxxx

    o and btw, every month i get sore nipples after ov, all the way up until af comes, but this time, i got it a tiny bit the day i ov'd and none since. very starnge! x
  • OMG it all sounds very positive hun especially with the pulling/twinging in your lower tum....I am taking it AF is due on Friday or is that just when your testing? xx
  • yeah af due fri too, what cd are u on? im guessing somewhwre around 14-15 lol. i was soo tempted to test yest but keep stopping myself! lol x
  • I am currently on CD10 hun.....I would say test but if it is too early and you get a BFN I wouldnt forgive myself so just you wait til Friday lol xxx
  • lol yeah thats what i keep thinking, althoug its soo tempting! cd10 wow thats good, i did read somewhere that u usually ov 2-3 days after ewcm and/or ov pains, so that would make u back to a normal cycle of about 28 days? so thats better than the original 39 odd that u said about b4? how long have u been off the pill or contraception for? i reckon that may be why ur last cycle was so long? x
  • Been off it for around 3 months....1st cycle was 30 days....2nd was 39 lord knows what this one is going to be and OH have just said we will go for it every other day that way we stand some sort of chance image

    When I was TTC 3 years ago my cycle lengths were 90 days apart now that was frustrating image

    It is tempting but step away from the clear blue lol xxxx
  • yeah good plan, lol i no! and clear blue are so expensive aswell! 90 days! gosh thats long, when i came off the first 3 months i was having af every 12-14 days, that was annoying, now im normal 32 again, so im hoping thats it now as my last two have been 32. so it tok 3 months for my body to sort itself out, so hopefully ur the same? and now its been 3 ur back to normal? so do you have a little one already? x
  • No hun, I tried 3 years ago with my now ex-husband and I did get my BFP but then 4 days later I MC image

    I order my pg test from they sell them in bulk for like ??3 its amazing lol especially if you have a poas addiction image

    AF every 12-14 days god hun I bet, glad its back to a normal 32 days....definately hoping that my cycle lengths stay this length really dont want the 90 days again xxx
  • awwww im so sorry, all the more reason for baby dust then! image

    ooo hope it sorts itself out for you, im now gonna check out that site image
  • I am sure it will hun image

    Its a great site, has OV and PG sticks available xx
  • u seem to be as addicted to BE as i am lol, i spend pretty much all day at work on here! haha. and i was just thinking about what u said about ttc b4, and thought everything happens for a reason and now u shud get ur bfp with the right person and it will be worth the wait image xxx
  • Oh I am hun definately, the same as you on it at work and the same when I get home although not so much lol....yeah totally hun my ex husband was a monster and finally I have met the right person who I know will make a fantastic father image xxx
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