Could it be..........? - long - sorry!!


  • what a gorgeous beautiful scrumcious little darling
  • my little man!!
  • what a sweetie, isnt he getting big! love you loads c u soon x
  • euan is gorgeous he is a credit to his parents.
  • euan is gorgeous he is a credit to his parents
  • i have never seen a baby with so much hair its so lovely
  • Implantation bleeding??? I think I am turning into the World's worst symptom spotter now!!

    I was due to ov sometime over the weekend but as some of you might have seen previous posts, I didn't get a positive on my ov sticks so thought I hadn't.........(and still might not have!!). Anyway, we bd'd on Friday night and then I was poorly sick for the next couple of days so didn't bd again and haven't done since.

    On Monday (CD17 or possibly dpo3) I felt like I was coming down with the worst cold ever. I had pains all over, my back ached, my legs ached and my arms and everything!! Although I didn't feel coldy, if you know what I mean, just pretty rubbish. Slightly quesy, but nothing to write home about.

    Well, went to my mum's on Tuesday night (Grandma's funeral yesterday) and mentioned that I had been unwell and hers and my auntie's response was 'Are you pregnant?'. 'Of course not!' I said, I know exactly where I am in my cycle and I'm not trying anyway!' - obviously trying to fool them - LOL!!

    Anyway, had G's funeral yesterday and had light spotting and very heavy stomach. It was hard to the touch and felt like I had wind!! No spotting so far today....this is CD19 by the way and my cycles have NEVER been shorter than 25 days and usually no longer than 28/29.

    Could this be implantation bleeding or could the stress of funeral be bringing on early AF??

    Sorry this is long but have been so sure over the last few days that I didn't OV or that I missed it cos I was ill that I'm now losing my mind!!!!



    PS - thanks for reading!!
  • Hi MrsHopeful
    I am not an implantation expert - but it sounds good to me!
    (sorry to hear about your Gran)
    Hope you get your BFP this month
  • Thanks Mobo. I'm feeling quite hopeful but certainly not poas say that I can test from "the moment I believe I could be pg" but that would be after bding if I wasn't careful!!

    It's our 2nd wedding anniversary on Tuesday and although not due to poas until the following weekend, I might just try Tuesday morning and see if I can give DH a great anniversary present!!

  • Hi mrshopeful im sorry to hear about your Gran.
    It could be implantaion but im no expert either as ive never experienced it at all. Hopefullly it was and you get your BFP. when are you due to test? x x
  • Hi Fiona, think we must have posted at the same time! I'm not due to test until a week on Sunday (ish) cos my cycles tend to be a few days different each time. Might test early though.........really trying not to test now cos I'm getting a bit hopeful but I know it's WAY too early!!

  • I know what you mean im resisting to test as may be due af on 2nd june and know its too early. im being good so far though! This wait is sooo agonising isnt it? xxx
  • Mrs Hopeful, I think I'm going to be a rival for the title of worlds worst symptom spotter - I'm just the same.

    AF due Friday, and last night I was spotting, and today so far nothing - I'm so confused. Every time I think af is on her way, she disappears again. Then I get my hopes up again, only to be slapped back into place when I poas and get bfn.

    Aarrggh - I just want to scream. I was sobbing last night when I thought af had arrived, and dh just didn't seem to understand.

    It's so good that we can come on here and there are girls going through exactly the same thing. I can't talk to anyone at work about it, cos they don't know we're ttc. It's so frustrating!!!
  • Fiona, this is the worst I've felt over the 2ww EVER!! It has never really bothered me before cos I've always been absolutely convinced that I've not been pg but this time I've got a small inkling that I could just possibly be and I can't deal with the wait!!!!!

    And poppygirl - this place is fab!! DH just doesn't get the whole ttc thing even though he wants kids he doesn't get the emotional bit of it and I haven't told anyone either!!

    PS - tummy is feeling incredibly heavy now.........please, please, please don't let it be af (although it doesn't feel like it!).

  • I'm feeling just the same MrsH - af due tomorrow, and my tummy is feeling so heavy today (more so than usual - but may just be symptom spotting again).

    Let me know how you get on - fingers crossed for us all eh!
  • Sorry to hear about your Gran, Mrs H. I too only know about inplantation bleeding from reading about it as didnt have any with lo but I think it sounds hopeful. Fingers crossed for you and poppygirl.Hope you manage not to test too
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