No smilie face but ovulating????

Hi Girls, I'm CD 16 today and am pretty sure that I OV yesterday. I had a small amount of EWCM and mild cramps which is normal for me. I'm not charting temps or anything but decided to use CB ovulation sticks this month. I'm testing around 6-7pm everyday and not weeing for the 4hours before hand.

So my questions are, is it possible that I have ov but missed detecting my surge? Has anyone had their BFP without seeing a :\)?



  • Hi there

    I'm sure some of the girls on here have had a BFP without a +ve on ov tests - I was in the same situation last week - was testing for 15 days with no smiley face or double lines (used 2 brands in the end!) but am sure I ov'd due to ewcm on about CD20 (I normally ov late).

    Am on 2ww for BFP or AF now (obviously hoping for the former!)

    Also, I think with CB you are meant to test am but with other brands they say to test pm - it is very easy to miss the LH surge it seems.

    Good luck
  • Hi - just popped over from the preg board to say I never got a pos ov test but def ov'd as have caught twice while using sticks but getting negs. Guess some ladies have low levels or something but it doesn't mean you won't catch.
    Good Luck xx
  • I say get baby dancing regardless!!!
  • lol, yes I think lots of bd is on the cards!

    Thanks dor your reply camlo, very reassuring to know!

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