When to get help????

Hi there

I know this is going to seem like a strange question but, here goes...

We have only been ttc a short while (5 months) but I am 36 and I've heard that you should see a doc after a year of being unsuccesful or 6 months if over 35.

How long would you wait before going to docs to see if everything is working ok?

Thanks girls

V xxx


  • Thanks Littlewolf, thats what I thought. I thought we'll give it until July and then if no BFP then to see doc. I don't want to over react as I can be a bit of a control freak - lol.

    Thank you

    V xx
  • Hi Vicsy. I'm nealry 28 and I asked the GP after trying 6 months - she told us to hang in and go back if i didn't get caught after 12 months. She told me to relax about it and just take it one day at a time. The month i fell pregnant we only had sex twice!!! We were properly trying 10 months in total. I'm now 28+3 gone and my baby is due in July so please don't give up, just try to relax about the whole thing and enjoy being a couple. I know how it feels hun x
  • I'm 36, too and planning on seeing my GP tomorrow if I can get an appointment as we are now on cycle 7. I'll let you know what she says/if she sends me away.
  • Ah thank you. I just don't want to leave it too long if you know what I mean. X good luck x
  • Been to the GP this morning and got forms to go for blood tests so popping along to the hospital on Thursday for day 5 bloods and again in a few weeks for day 21 bloods. Just need to break it hubby that they want a sperm sample, too image
  • I am 23 and been trying for 6 months but half trying :/ I am thinking of seeing a Dr. next month if i don't get my BFP. I would like to be checked before wasting more time trying and for ease of mind. I keep having negtive thoughts although i hv regular cycle. I hope nothing is wrong.
  • i would maybe go now then chick get the ball rolling,what harm can it do if youve been trying 5 months anyway,just tell them its been 6

    younger people are told to go after 12-18 months as this is how long it takes for a normal healthy couple with regular cycles but as your that little bit older i would go now x
  • Yeah I'd agree with grudie - tell them its been 6 months. At least then you know nothing is wrong and can maybe relax enough to get your BFP, but equally if something is wrong (and really hope there isnt, just being the voice of reason) then you know about it as soon as possible and can get help. Good luck with it hon xxx
  • When we were ttc our son my doctor organised blood tests and a sperm sample after we'd been trying for 6 months. I don't think this is the norm as I was only 24 but as you're worried I'd definitely go and ask. It can't hurt. Good luck image x
  • Hi Girls

    Thank you so much for all of your advice. I think once af come this month (well May 12) I think I will go and see doc.

    Bubbliscious, thats great that your doc has responded straight away, I think its the wondeing that is the worse thing. You'll have to let me know how you get on. Thank you so much for letting me know though, it has eased my mind and I don't think I'm neurotic anymore. lol.

    Hubby is happy to get the tests if thats whats needed but wants me to worry less, I can't help it though. At least knowing one way or another will mean we can decide what to do.

    Goonie, its good your doc sorted tests and stuff out for you. If you don't mind me asking did you feel better after you got your results?

    Thanks again for your responses.

    V xxx
  • Hi Vicsy,

    Hope you are okay. I had my my 21 day bloods yesterday so I'll be going back to the GP next week or possibly the week after for my results and a chat about what to do next. I shall let you know what he says [but perhaps you'll get your BFP before you need to see your doc ... fx!].

    DH has still not gone for his test because he has to abstain from any activity for two/three days beforehand and we have been bd'ing every other day since AF left this cycle in an attempt to give us as much chance of BFP as possible. DH has admitted he is desperate for a BFP this month just so that he doesn't have to go for his test at all image. He's so nervous about it.
  • Hi Bubblicious,

    Thank you for letting me know what is happening with you, I really appreciate that. I'm really hoping that this month is our lucky month, however oh has agreed to see doc if not.

    I had some spotting on friday (3 days before af is due) so am hoping that that is a good sign and is not af, but trying not to build up hopes.

    Ahhhhh, I really hope your hubby gets his way then (nod nod wink wink) and he doesn't have to go for the test.

    Good luck and thanks again for letting me know how you are getting on.

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