I'm Back!!! but on a sad note :-(

Hi all

Am back off my hols had a lovely time, anniversary was brill we went out for a meal to a fancy beachfront restaurant had a slap up meal, bottle of wine and watched the sun set have some beautiful photos of the sunset in Ibiza it is truly breathtaking.

Right now the bad news.............I live in Whitehaven, Cumbria and we landed back to news of the shooting spree am just totally devastated everyone feels so numb, the first shooting was outside my hairdressers on the taxi rank and it seems to be a case of wrong place wrong time for those that have lost their lives today in our small town.

Cumbria and the Lakes is such a beautiful, peaceful place to live and we dont expect massacres or anything to happen here but there you go we land back to manchester airport to such horrifying news.

How is everyone, I tried to log on whilst away but couldnt remember my password so there you go I was a secret stalker for a day or two he he.

Babygaga, wildthing congrats on the BFP's

MPP you are not leaving me he he get your butt back on here!!! your my buddy!!

Speak soon



  • Hey, I keep popping back in ttc to see how ladies get on and saw this!

    I have been glued to the news all day and cried my eyes out when a man described what happened to one lady. This is truely awful and the worst crime. Part of me is very angry he didnt live to be caught.

    Hope you and your town can get yourself the help you need and stick by each during this terrible time.

    All the love and best wishes in the world xx
  • Glad you're back hun but so sorry it's to such a tragic set of events. I'm watching it on the news and I just can't comprehend it. My thoughts are with the family and friends of those affected. xx
  • Welcome back hun,

    Pleased to hear that you have had a great holiday.

    The news about your town is truelly heartbreaking and my heart goes out to you all.

    I hope your town pulls together and helps each other out of this heartbreaking tragedy.

  • WOOHOOO your back! Im going to be remaining in TTC forum for now.

    I am so sorry to hear that you live so close to this horrific shooting, I was telling someone at work that i am glad i wasnt in cumbria when it happened but i forgot you lived local to it. image

    I am glad you had a good time. It was just what you needed, i bet the sunset were lovely.

    Glad to see you back :\)

  • I'm sorry you had to come back after a lovely break to such horrific news.
    I first heard it on the radio and assumed they were talking about America. I was stunned when they said Cumbria.
    How are you doing on the ttc front? Is your 2ww nearly over? x
  • I live in the town where it happened about 5 mins away a taxi driver was blown away with a shotgun on our road its so unreal to happen to such a small community!!

    Glad to be back hun, hows you?

  • OMG SD - I watched it on the news last night and it was very sad...how can someone just go off on a shooting spree like that?? Its just sick!
    Like MrsR says my heart goes out to those families affected xx

    Sounds like you had a fantastic anniversary xx Bet that was lovely watching the sunset mmmmm
    I bet you did some relaxing aswell didnt you?
    Good to have you back Blanche
  • Hiya SD welcome back! Glad you had such a lovely holiday, must feel like a distant memory now after what has happened! My thoughts are with all in your town.

    I have graduated to DIJ! Bloody 2 days before we were due to have tests back from drs i realised i was late for AF! Which never happened before as i was always watching calender but because i was concentrating on results i completely forgot! lol
    Im now 5+6 so still very early but im sure you wont be far behind me! Good luck H x
  • Hi Goonie - am about 12dpo and wait for it am getting v.faint lines on ebay cheapies, 1 last night and 2 this morning - hubby now sees the one from this morning as i left them all day but the line came up last night pretty much straight away its ever so faint but you can see it more from the back of the strip and without any light.

    I decided to do another 2 test strips this morning and same faint lines am hoping because have not started spotting yet for AF that I will get our BFP as every month have spotted for AF 4 days before and nothing this month.

    Also still experiencing the motion sickness from my holiday feels like when am still am moving so weird eh!!

    Jay - hope you enjoyed your hol, yeah ours was lovely and yep done loads of relaxing in fact relaxed sometimes 3-4 times he he!! plenty of SEX too which was good ha ha!!

    MrsAllen08 - so chuffed for you hun that you finally got your BFP so hope to be joining you in feb but I just need to wait out these faint lines.

    PS has anyone used ebay test strips and can post a pic for me of any BFP's


  • ***fingers crossed*** : ) x x x
  • OMG i really hope you have got your BFP!

    I know what you mean about spotting, When i was on the pill i never spotted before an AF and now i do, its so confusing, Always thought i was having implantation bleeding.

    Keep us posted!

  • Thanks hun just caved and done a FRER I mean come on I haven't poas for over a week who could blame a girl for trying.............

    Anyway another faint line but i could see it without having to squint hubby doesnt believe them so wants me to wait a few more days.

    I hope this is it for us, will keep you posted xx

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  • Ooohh fingers crossed!

    You did well for not poas, I would of took some away with me! hehe image

  • He he MPP your naughty

    Will keep you posted

  • Fingers crossed, I hope this time its really it and you get to migrate to due in Feb. Have you tested this morning? x
  • Hi Goonie

    Yes done a frer and another faint line only i can make it out this time.

    On a different note relating to my motion sickness etc have been to the docs and she said its either heat stroke or early preg symptoms as feeling dizzy, light headed and sick all day long but because have just come back from abroad it could be heatstroke so they have sent a urine quantative hcg test off to the lab and wont get results until next wed as the test will sit in fridge over weekend.

    Q tho will the hcg not break down in the urine over the weekend, am going to do another frer on sunday mornin see if the line gets any darker.

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