Swit Swoo


I may be the only sad one cuddled up watching X Factor but OMG......i swear Olly Murs is the sexiest man on the planet. I think the stupid woman on Cosmo who said that she had sex and got pregnant within 4 weeks could be right. If i had Olly Murs here for 4 weeks i would definitely get that BFP cause there wouldn't be a chance of nothing ever reaching that egg image image

Ooooohhh those hips **drool**

Tink image xxxx


  • Ha ha lovin' the thougjht Tink! Although Joe also has 'that something' about him too! x
  • he really is fab. olly to win.xxxx
  • lol Tink!!

    I am watching it too, why on earth would we want to go out and miss this?!
    Love Olly, love Joe too xx
  • Noo, Joe is like a little pixie, tiny and cute but thats it. Olly is hmm...
  • joe is far too young for me!!! but olly is well and truly on my to do list :lol:
  • OMG Robbie and OLLY OMG OMG OMG xxxxxxx
  • Joe's too young I agree, but i'm about to watch 17 again and going to drool over Zac Efron, now that's young, but my god if i was a few years younger!! (oh and in hollywood and stunning andf famous etc etc) xx
  • OH grow the feck up..I have a name and you know it full well seeing as it is the same on here as it is on bloody comso.
  • Yeah to be fair sam, that comment wasn't needed........time to let it drop me thinks

    PP84 x

    oh and I think I am the only one who isn't getting the whole Joe/Olly thing......neither do it for me image
  • I put that comment before i even realised you had come onto BE Elsbeth. FFS i can think what i like, just because you are "adored" by the Cosmo people doesn't mean i have to feel the same. On Saturday night i came on BE, posted this and then looked at everything else so i didn't know people knew your name then. SO EXCUSE ME! Jesus, this is never gonna drop is it....
  • Yes Sam, when you do.

  • Mrs PP84 - I agree = the thought has never crossed my mind - so neither. however - now i'm forced to think of it LOL i would agree Sam - I'd say Olly too.

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