stange AF - it is is AF -WARNING TMI

Hi all,

well this morning i wrote that af was visiting now i normallity am like a tap she comes fastand leaves just as fast usually within 1 half days well have had real;ly bad cramping all morning and that normally means she is in full flow but she seems to be lagging a bit and there is only slight spotting had a sanitary towell ll day and there is nor much there... do u think she is just playing with me?????:?


  • Hiya

    Have you taken a test at all???

    Sometimes our bodies can just play tricks on us to annoy us though. My AF finished yesterday and it was the heaviest one I've ever had, for a full on 3-days. Normally its heavy for 1-day and gets lighter for 3-4 days.

    If you are worried, you could see your Doctor?

    Julie xxx
  • wont test as do no not like seeing BFN am too frightened!!! big wooss eyh.

    see how she goes and if shoe does not get her act together then will test in morn..
  • I get a couple of days spotting too before af rears her head. Hope she stays away.
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