fed up

:cry: Feel really down today. Im on CD25 and still dont feel that ive ov'd! Ive been using the ov sticks but havent got a + (dont think i have anyway) plus ive had no cm at all apart from a tiny bit of pinky stuff last week for 2days. Anyways as i dont know when/if ive oved i dont know when af would be due!! Feel im just stuck in limbo now at least if i knew i had a 2ww it wouldnt be so bad cos then id know one way or another!
Just needed to have a moan! ........ Hope your all well and get yr BFP's really soon.xxx

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  • ah Nic don't worry I'm the same now!!! Haven't been using ov sticks but checking CM and then yesterday had loads of ewcm and now I think i'm completely out with my prediction of AF due today and me ov'g about 12days ago!

    What's your CD like normally?

    Hopefully you've just missed your OV and now we're just waiting on your BFP!!!! You never know! xxx
  • heya, if i member righlty u said u got a line kinda like mine? im thiking some people surges arnt as strong as others, or we drink too much b4 testing? s it may not of shown as strong as it should of? i reckon u have already? xxxx
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