thanks ladies!!

hi all, just wanted to say ta. im new to here, having been ttc for 6 months. i got a bit down and so decided to see if there was anyone else feeling like i did. then i found you lot!!i feel welcome and like im with people who understand me, finally. so heres to some good news (hopefully) on the way for all of us xx sorry for the deep n meaningfull!xx


  • aw honey we're all in the same boat, so we can totally get each other AND not annoying the hell out of our OH's!!
  • Hey sweetie, lovely post, I feel the same, its the only place I can vent my frustration, ask stupid questions and get loads a virtual hugs! xxx
  • Hi pet, I'm glad you're finding this place helpful! I come on here all the time to obsess over symptoms etc. as I think I'd drive my hubby mad with it! I don't want to put too much pressure on him so I come on here to vent!

    Hope you get your BFP soon pet! xx
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