Symptoms at 4/5 DPO

Hi all

Am new to TTC and this is our first month of trying could someone please enlighten me as to what symptoms I would experience at 4/5 DPO.

Symptoms to date are slight cramping in lower abdomen with a strange pulling feeling
I had a brownish discharge last nite when I wiped and now thats creamy CM
I feel nauseous like I want to be sick but cant be and for the past 2 weeks I have felt absolutely exhausted to the point where I just want to sit and CRY.

Also we ordered takeaway SAT night and I just couldnt eat my pizza (ham and pineapple) my fave as everytime I put it near my nose I felt like I wanted to gag!!!

I am not due to test until 21st so fingers crossed these could be positive signs right??

Any help or views would be mucho appreciated as am going insane during my 2ww!!!



  • I have been a complete arse and tested tonight with a BFN but its only 4DPO and I have another 10 days until AF is due.......I dont even know why i tested just I really do have some underlying symptoms that wont go away even when I sleep on it I wake up feeling the same but I so dont want to be miserable and upset over xmas.................either way am getting my xmas pudding or nasty aunty visiting at xmas as AF due 21st Dec x
  • Sparkling Diamond I thought I was bad testing at 7dpo! lol
    Seriously though I know how you feel. Its driving me crackers too. No amount of anyone telling you to stop thinking about it will help so I'm certainly not going to do that.
    I tested 9dpo, 10dpo and I know I said I was going to wait until tomorrow but I couldn't resist - so put me down for a bfn on 11dpo too! lol
    Starting to think all these symptoms are my imagination and just want af to hurry up!
    I've had no nausea today and tummys hurting now so I'm hoping she'll be here in the morning x
  • I can't really advise on symptoms as I have them all every month after about 3dpo but seems its just the way I am as AF always graces me with her presence right on time :lol:

    Naughty for testing, I hope it was an internet cheapy and not a real one :lol:

    Good luck for when you test again - whch should be in 10 days :lol: xx
  • I can't really advise on symptoms as I have them all every month after about 3dpo but seems its just the way I am as AF always graces me with her presence right on time :lol:

    Naughty for testing, I hope it was an internet cheapy and not a real one :lol:

    Good luck for when you test again - whch should be in 10 days :lol: xx
  • Hi hun, no it was a FR!!! so does that mean I am out I at least hope af doesnt show on time so I can get to POAS again lol.

    Mrs Fozz - I thought I was addicted hun what are we all going to do with ourselves??

    Have you waited until your af is due to test? maybe you should try again in a few days for good luck lol.

    I have seen people get their BFP's on here at 21DPO before xx
  • Ha ha FR! Me too! All 5 of them now! Good job they're on bogof in boots at the mo.

    SD I think 4dpo is way to early to show a bfp so I would read nothing into your test (apart from you're crackers :lol: )

    AF is due in the morning but usually I have spotting and discharge at least 1, if not 2 days before. I'm only 12 dpo tomorrow though but wth - I'm so going to test again if she doesn't show her face!
    So either it's a shy bean or she's being late just to be awkward.

    I'm hoping next month I'll be a bit more chilled about the whole thing

  • When should I test again, I still have nausea so am thinking possibly I could be or am coming down with some bug right before xmas!!!

    I also have lumps around my nipple and googled symptoms and app this could be a sign am driving myself bloody crackers!!

    Oh well on with the 2ww!!!!

    Good luck hun and let me know how you get on x
  • There's a thread on here somewhere about how many dpo people got their 1st bfp after getting bfn's on tests. 11 & 12 dpo seem pretty average so I guess the 6 days before af FR advertise is a load of twaddle. I want to say wait but I guess I'm in no position to be telling anyone to do that! lol

    I've had no nausea today but every time I think about chocolate it turns my stomach image

  • Wow thanks hun, I guess I can wait that long he he. I did have a positive OPK on sat but I guess that doesnt mean I ov then tho and I havent been doing any tempting, charting knicker checking he he so guess I will just go with the flow and it aint over till af rears her ugly biach head lol!!!

    Oh by the way i have asked Santa again I thought maybe asking a second time would be my good luck charm I have bumped the thread to the front page.

    Also I have bumped gembags post for SS as thought this would be helpful, I really hope you get your BFP soon hun xx
  • Lol I hope we both do - if not for our sanity but for our bank balances!
  • I have no symptoms what so ever today apart from feeling really sad image
    Not sure why - just seem to have lost all hope this month. Due to hubbies working hours just haven't been able to BD as much as planned at all (he works lates every other week - OV just happened to fall on a late week.)
    Good luck to you all though
  • Hi Snugglenush dont lose hope buddie we will see each other through it we should even time POAS lol that would be funny so you gonna test 21st??

  • LOL if I last that long - I swore last month that I wouldn't test until AF was late - but that didn't happpen!!
    So we will see image
  • Ffs no af and a bfn! I know some ladies haven't got a bfp until 13dpo but I thought af would be here by now and nothing! She's playing silly buggers with me!
  • oh you crazy symptom spotters make me smile
    I feel the same every month

    but seriously sparkling diamond, 4dpo is too early, implantation is never earlier than 5/6dpo so the cramping you have might be a sign of implantation but nausea comes from the hormones you produce after implantation so unless you got your OV date really wrong...

    hoping that you all get your BFPs soon
  • Hi Shuck, I know am barmy hun I probably am just thinking these things up I think the nausea is because have been stressed out by xmas and not eating and drinking properly...............still it aint over till I get af on 21st Dec but am less positive now I think she will show at some point.

    Oh Mrs Fozz sorry to hear that you got a BFN hun was your af due today?

  • Hey SD,
    Well tested today (13dpo) and a bfn again so she must be on her way.

    How's the wait going for you? X
  • Hey girlies,

    Finally started getting some symptoms! Even if I don't get my BFP at least I can spend the next week in hope!
    Just started getting really really sore nipples - I have had sore nipples before periods but only very rarely.
    And I looked at my nipples and i THINK they look a little darker . . . . but I could be imagining it.
    At least I can enjoy SS!
    How is everyone else doing? Just over a week left for me now til AF is due.
  • Hi hun,

    Yey SS is great isnt it, well I am still having bad heads on and off and feel exhaused.

    I noticed my nipples were darker and had spots around them and I heard that that could be a good sign.

    I havent had any bleeding, spotting etc, its so exciting tho I hope we get our BFP's together hun.

    Did you say this is your 2nd month of trying, this is our first but I have been off the pill 6 months now and taking folic acid xx
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