Well...im shocked!!

Hello ladies....its finally happened, we got our BFP!!! I couldbt believe it, AF wasnt due until today, but the night before last, i had a really restless night, with very restless legs!! Its if they were about to run off without me!! I did a superdrug test yesterday morning and it came up positive straight away!! I couldnt believe it!! I made an appointment to see the Dr straight away and she confirmed the pregnancy, baby is due on my birthday...10/10/2010!! How is that for a date of birth!!!
She was also shocked as i had a chemical imbalance in my blood test only the week before and was just about to be referred to a consultant. After 3 miscarriages....we have finally done it!! She has booked me off for the rest of the week with complete bed rest, as typical i have tonsilitis and a viral infection and well cant take antibiotics!!

If you dont mind, I am going to stick around here for a little while...just incase!!


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