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Hi ladies

My DH and I have been TTC for 7 months but as a teenager I had big problems with cycles and was told with have issues TTC.

My last AF was April 18th so was getting very worried as to what was going on as all HPT were negative. When I was 3 weeks late I went to Dr who sent me for bloods to check I wasn't pregnant. I rang the surgery a few days later and was told everything was normal.

So I then went out drinking for a weekend (I rarely drink at all) and just tried to ignore things. So this week I went back to Dr who informed me I wasn't ovulating and needed fertility treatment and I was DEVASTATED. He refered me to a consultant to see this week to start treatment.

Well anyway we went to a wedding yesterday and before we left I did another HPT and it was positive!!!

Did CBD and it said 3 weeks +!!!

But HOW is this possible? I am hugely excited, but in shock and also a bit angry that Dr told me I wasn't so i went out drinking, and I have since eaten pat???? and brie cheese image.

Going back to Dr tomorrow - what do you think I should say?

Thanks xx

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  • Congratulations!!
    Not really sure what you should say to your doc, maybe just that you have found out you are pregnant since you saw him earlier in the week and would that have shown on the tests he did?
    Here's to a healthy and happy nine months for you!!

    Mrs G xx
  • Hi hun,

    First of all congratulations!!!!!!

    Secondly don't worry about what you've eaten, I think its mainly to avoid the risk of food poisoning which you obviously haven't got. Lots of people also drink in early pregnancy without knowing so try not to worry.

    And finally have a happy and healthy 9 months!!!
  • congratulations image not sure what u should say to the doctor but tell him your concerns xx
  • Hi,

    First of all congratulations xxx

    and second of all don't worry about the drinking or eating pate etc... I doubt very much any harm has been done, I'm pretty sure for the first 8 weeks baby does not share your blood supply so try not to worry, you didn't know.

    I would take the test with me and ask for an explanation as to how they have got their facts wrong? The main thing is to get it all confirmed and possibly get a dating scan sorted so you know exactly how far along you are. Consolation is at least you prob have less time now to wait to reach the 12 week mark which I personally found the worst bit and it seemed to drag!

    Good Luck hon and enjoy your pregnancy xx

  • Thank you ladies especially for you reassurance.
    Sazzle33 - that was my issue completely. How could Dr have missed a positive result as I know I must have been pregnant when they did the test?!! I have also been having symptoms for about 3/4 weeks!!
    But yes hopefully quite far along so then we can tell people image
    Good luck to everyone TTC x
  • Yeah it is abit odd. The obvious conclusion would be maybe they didn't test! How else can you miss it really?? Especially since you were 3 weeks late for AF which would have made you about 7 weeks! I'd be really keen to follow that up.
  • noviada CONGRATS!!! Take a pic of your CBD as the result disappears after 24 hours, you can take this to the doc as proof. Don't worry about drinking, the baby doesn't feed from you until the placenta forms at around 10 weeks so it shouldn't affect beanie!

    I would certainly question your doctor about how they came to the conclusion that you weren't OVing, and also if they actually tested your blood for HcG. As blood tests show smaller amounts than a urine test you DEFINITELY would have had positive bloods.

  • Hi, congratulations that's excellent news.

    I've followed a few of your posts recently as i'm also in similar situation and don't think i'm ovulating, my last period 24th April so i might do another test.

    Hope you have h&h pregnancy x x
  • Wow congratulations! Definitely follow up your previous results with your doctor, you are obviously ovulating and over 5 weeks pregnant too going by the CBD so they were very wrong!!! x
  • Tilly28 - it's definitely worth hanging in there. My CBFM also said I wasn't ovulating so it really is a shock but I had lots of symptoms so if you feel a little different do keep testing. Fingers crossed for you x
  • Hi hun, congrats !!! xx Also read my post above I have just been at the Docs and could have avoided a big cry at home if she'd have asked the GP while I was in surgery! x
  • woooooooooop! so pleased for you! congrats! xxxxx
  • Massive congratulations!!! image x
  • Thank you all for your congratulations image.
    I went to DR last to ask why I was told blood test was negative when I was clearly pregnant and he said there had been a mix up and they had never done a pregnancy test on my bloods!!!
    So based on nhs calculator online I am about 7 weeks pregnant and have been none the wiser!!!
    Stupid Dr!!!! xx
  • g/c hunni, but just wanted to say STUPID stupid doctor. Really dents your faith in the nhs a little huh?

    But on the plus side, yay you, congratulations, and at least its only around 5 weeks you have to wait for your scan image the first twelve weeks always seem to drag from worry.

    Good Luck and happy and healthy 9 months...(or rather 7 and a bit-ish lol) xx
  • WOW, that's crazy but all the same big congratulations to you! Enjoy the glow of the moment (despite your stupid dr!)!!!!

  • Well that might explain why the docs results dont think you're ovulating - of course you're not ovulating, you're already pregnant!!!

    Huge congratulations hon image

    We were told we would need IVF as hubby has a very low sperm count, I am prone to miscarriages and have difficulty conceiving because of an auto-immune disease etc etc. We said we would try for a year before we started the IVF, 6 months later fell pregnant!! Thought it was a fluke, but I'm now pregnant with our second baby after 2 months of trying - STUPID DOCTORS!!!!!!! But so pleased for both of us that they are sometimes wrong :lol:
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