What the HELL is going on...?!

Okay, so on CD35.. was 35 last month and have had dull AF type pains for a few days, but nothing like when I usually come on. (Usually have very heavy, painful periods) The ache I am experiencing is on my left hand side only, with like a dull ache in my lower back. Also, went to the loo about an hour ago and had pinky/brown discharge. I don't normally spot before my period... It usually comes full flow almost immediately. I'm 16dpo. Maybe it could be very strange AF, but does anyone think it could be implantation? I had the same with my daughter. Keeping my fingers and toes crossed it doesn't turn into AF!


  • Sounds like implantation to me.

    Good luck in getting your bfp.
  • OMG!!! if you had it with yr first this sounds really good, fingers crossed hun xxxxx


  • I've just been to the loo again and it's gone, only very faint pink/brown discharge... Hmm...
  • hmmmmmmmmmm indeed!!!! xxxxxxxx LOL


  • Well if AF does show properly I'll test on Friday!! Wooooop!
  • good luck hun!!! sounds promising... keep us updated xxx
  • Good luck, hope af stays away and you get your BFP at the end of the week. Keep us informed!!
  • Well... Not sure what is going on. The spotting turned heavier in the night, so changed from a pantyliner to a propper pad. When I say heavier, it's still only light, however mostly there when I wipe. Normally my AF's are horrendous and I am living off nurofen for a few days, but so far haven't taken anything. Woke up this morning to a few spots on the pad but that's it. It's quite darkish in colour and doesn't look like fresh blood at all. I've had stabing pains in my side, too and this morning I had some tea and felt sick. I have no idea what's going on... Any ideas??
  • are you due to come on yet, could you test? sounds still like might b pg xxxxxxx
  • No need to POAS - my body was just playing games with me. Pains have intensified within the last two hours and AF is here, heavy and in all her uglyness. image Oh well... Onwards and upwards. CD1!! July will be my month! PMA! Good Luck to those left standing and super sticky babydust. ****
  • sorry to hear that gemsie - baby dust for this month XX
  • oh no sorry she found you, good luck for July xxx
  • sorry she found you. How rude of her to play little games with you. Naughty af.
  • sorry to hear that hun image
    here is to july image xxxx
  • sorry honey, PMA for next month *BABY DUST* xxxx
  • you and me both. I had the same mind games thought might be implantation and then wham. It really sucks!! Am even more confused today as AF seems to have gone after only 2 days.. Wots that all about?? Here's to july lets hope we both have a better month and get a BFP. Lots of PMA to you and sending lots of baby dust xxx
  • Thanks image... Was feeling quite depressed earlier this afternoon, but after a cuddle from OH and a nice glass of red wine and meal cooked for me, it seems a bit better. Next month my mantra will be: I Will Not Symptom Spot! (Of course!)image Babydust everyone. x
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