Anyone who remembers me

Just wanted to pop in and say hi to anyone who remembers me! Sending you lots of babydust and luck for extra big BFP's!!


  • I am new here.

    But Thankkkks image
  • Heu Miss Impatient,
    yup i remember you from ''ttc after mc'' back. in April/ May time last year..... (the puss in boots avatar you have esp)! Well, after my mmc i had a 2nd preg which ended in a mmc in dec. Back on the ttc band wagon!!
    Thanks for the wishes!!!

    Did you get your baby? are you back on ttc?

  • cannny bloody forget you lol image :lol:
  • Hi Miss Impatient
    I remember you too, how are things for you?
  • Hi all (except you Grudie image )

    I am fan-dabby-dosi thanks!! Baby Felix is 9 weeks and the most adorable thing in the world (in my un-biased opinion of course image ) Definately NOT back TTC just yet but if my OH gets his way it won't be long!!

    Shyro sorry to hear you have been having such an awful time. It breaks my heart to see ladies I 'know' from here and TTC after MC still trying.

  • Glad to hear about baby Felix (cute nameimage )

    Well my dear, i cant say its been easy but we'll get there eventually...'footsteps in the sand' sort of thing! I'm sure i'll look back on this years from now and wonder how we managed!
    All in all DH and i are hopeful and hopefully this will be our cycle!! (fingers tightly crossed)
    Take care babes! Thanks for checking in!
  • g/c

    Hello miss I image Glad u and LO are fab image

    thought i would pop in and say hello image

    gembags 6w x
  • I remember you from my lurker days! I love the pic of puss in boots!
    Feel free to post some pics of your little one image xxx
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