hi from a newbie!

Hey ladies,

I am new to this site, so thought I'd say hi! Wanted to join so I could ask your advice - sorry if this is the sort of story you hear every day! I came off the pill at the end of feb, neither my fiance or I could wait, so we started ttc straight away. as yet I have had no AF and no positive pregnancy test results.... any ideas/advice on what I sould be doing? I've heard agnus castus (sp?) is supposed to be good, ut what does it actually do? If you've been through this or can offer any advice, all would be gratefully received.

Many thanks,

Rosie x


  • Hi Rosie

    Welcome to the ttc family!!
    I've tried agnus castus this month as i have long/irregular cycles and i think it has worked but wont know till af or bfp arrive, but am currently on cd29.
    It basically helps regulate your cycles but ur only meant to take it from cd1 till you ov then stop.
    You could try taking it now and see if it helps but u will have to look out for ov.

    Good luck honey!!
  • thanks! I'm soo excited and sooo impatient! foolishly I thought it would all be very easy!! xx where do I get agnus castuys? xx
  • Holland & Barret sell it, or boots. U could also try Evening primrose oil thats good too.
  • thank you! I will! I have bought ov sticks, but have no clue when I should even start using them as really have no clue about what my cycle would be doing... any advice? xx
  • u could start using them now and see how you go maybe look out for other signs like EWCM, twinges, cervix position then back it up with the sticks. It can take some time waiting for af after the pill so maybe take the AG or EPO now and again look out for Ov. xxx
  • Hi there and welcome image

    I am just coming off the Pill and will be trying right away. I am hoping my AF is on time and i don't end up witha really long cyc. You will be ok honey it;s just your body's way of trying to get back to normalimage

    K xxxx
  • hi... have just been reading through... my fiance and I are going to be ttc in a couple of months, just wanted to be up on the lingo! what does af and bfp mean??? so if it's a really obvious question!! xx:roll:
  • big fat positive image

  • thanks ladies! I'm off to boots to get me some! how old is everyone (if that's not too rude!)? xx
  • Hi Rosie and welcome to the forum - I had good results with ac, they reduced my cycles from 40 days down to around 34-35 so hopefully they'll work for you. I'm 30 btw, trying for first one (have been trying for almost 7 months) xx
  • I am 26 and will be 27 this dec image

  • I went and bought some yesterday, so will start taking them and see what happens! I'm so excited! xx
  • Hi and welcome toms girl, I really hope you get your bfp soon. xx
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