who is right?? little bit of TMI :lol:

Ok so me and OH had a heated chat last night LOL :lol: :lol: about TTC

He is very much a morning man for (bding) and i dont really mind am not fussed but i said evening is better then i get chance to sleep on in after!

as when i get up i feel it coming out (sorry TMI) so i like to do it at night so i dont have to get up etc

Anyways he said that only something like 5% of mens stuff is acutally sperm the rest if fluid!! so the stuff goes in straight away and the rest is waste!!!

I dont no if i believe him?? so i thought i would check with you ladies 1st LOL :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:


  • I have no idea! I know the sperm is mixed with the fluid as it 'comes out' but I would have thought it would be evenly distrubuted, which would support your reasoning even more! Lol!

    Will be interesting to find out the real answer! Lol!
  • http://lbdf.lilypie.com/iCGUp1.png

    Hate to side with a man but I think he may be right... sorry!
  • Yea actually I read last night that the swimmers get into the cervix (sorry, TMI) really quickly and stay there, and the fluid that then comes out is pretty useless. I've still read it's good to stay lying down for 15mins or so, but I think that's just a 'if possible' thing, not actually a necessity. I guess it makes sense, all the 'accidents' that happen to people means that I'm sure they don't lie there holding it in like we do as it isn't their plan to get pg, so obviously it happens without doing that. I still feel better if I lie there for a few minutes though!!! Hope that makes sense and wasn't too rambling : ) .x.
  • I'm intrigued so looked on wikipedia!
    It says that only 2-5 percent is actually sperm but mentions nothing about that going in first and the rest is waste, so you have even more reason to try at night! Lol! Get bd'ing! xx
  • More TMI;
    I have to admit my head says your partners right, but when we were ttc i religiously stayed lyed (sp??) down with my knees up. Like the tesco motto, every little helps;-))))image
  • Just read the above two posts. Very confused now!

    It's good to know I don't need to lay in one position all night for fear of leakage (teehee) and can just get cleaned up! Woo!

    Of course we wont need to worry about this as we'll all be pg this cycle anyway!

    Good luck hun xx
  • Haha!! Love the moto nkotb!! That will make me chuckle next time we BD! xx
  • Yep, sorry hun, but i think he's right too!! I tend to try and lay with my hips up for about 10 minutes - then go to the toilet. On the one occasion i did 'sleep on it' i woke up with mild cystitus so i deliberatly try to avoid it!! x
  • yeah the majority is the male equivalent of cm - it's just for his swimmers to be able to reach the cervix really
    plus most sperm will go through the cervix immediately - but keeping your bum elevated is an extra to make sure you get as many swimmers through as possible - it's also useful if you have a tilted cervix/uterus as the sperm might not hit your cervix immediately in that case

    if you can manage to stay lying down for 30mins after then you should be fine
  • my OH is a morning person too - well I am to be honest! If I ahem *blushes* notice his 'pre-brekkie-reccy' while he's sleeping I tend to wake him up gently, do the deed and then we have time for a decent hold and cuddle before we have to get up, rather than letting him wake up on his own time, which takes longer and hardly any lazing afterwards.
  • yup most of it seminal fluid, mostly water
  • lol sorry i believe he is right on this one!!
    without repeating what others have said but basically that why the ewcm is important cos once his swimmers are in all the decent/speedy active ones swim into your ewcm mega quick which enables them to reach into your cervix. The rest that comes out is the rest of the "not so good sperm" and fluid.
    P.s a little pma... I got my bfp 2 months off the pill, always went to the loo within 5-10 minutes after and didnt do any hip raises. We Bd both evening and morning depending on the mood we we're in!!
    the most important thing is to relax!! good luck
    Caz 6+3 xxx

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