another question for all you BBT experts!! x

ok so now ive had a paddy about ov sticks im going to ask ur opinion about BBT too as ive just realised summin on my chart!!

i thout i was due to ov today (according to last months cycle) BUT ive noticed that last week (tues- CD18) my BBT plummeted to 35.8 (its usually around 36.4 ish pre ov), the following day (wed) I had ALOT of EWCM, since then my BBT has steadily rose to between 36.3 and 36.5- which is still quite low but higher than the dip- does the dip mean I ov'd?
I had a very low dip last month the day of ov and then my bbt went up to about 36.6 but the reaosn im not so sure this month is cause my bbt is still pretty low (36.5) to be post ov??


  • Not sure honey. Here is my chart from when I got my BFP, it might help see a pattern but everyone is different. EWCM is a much better sign of ov than bbt. My Zita west book says not to bother with btt as it makes you obsessive and is unreliable.

    good luck

    You can take a look at my chart at the following web address:

  • thanks dappytart- aw i would love to have a 28 day cycle- mine is so unpredictable! congrats on ur bfp!!

    your chart looks like mine did last month only shorter... this is mine last month...

    and this is my chart this month......

    ps h2b was on his stag do last week which explains the lack of BD hehe!
    but can u see how erratic it is?! image

    i always thought the best way to predict ov was bbt as its the most reliable?
  • oops i dont think that worked! June came up both times- i cant get May up but basically it looks like urs but i ov'd on day 23 instead!
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