Advice please !!

Hi all, im hoping someone will be able to tell me if they have had a similar experience.
I have a 13 month old daughter and am now TTC number 2. I came off my pill (microgynon) in august, had three normal cycles (we were using other methods of contraception) so decided to start trying. I am now over two weeks late, done 4 HPT all BFN ! I am very confused, the only thing we did different this month was not using condoms.
Has anyone else had a similar problem and were you pg or not ? I cant get into docs for another week and its driving me crazy. Thanks x


  • It could be a shy bean hun, do you know when you ovulated? I know some ladies take as long as 18 days after ov before they get their BFP. Another cause could be stress, that would delay your AF.
    Were you using fmu for the tests? xx
  • Hi, i dont know when i ovulated but as my other three cycles were 30 days i just assumed it would be the same ? It was only our first month trying so didnt do ov test. AF was due 16th Dec. I have tested all different times of day, two were fmu.x
  • The only thing I can do is guess hun, it could be because you're excited/stressed about ttc or it could be that your cycle is still in the process of "sorting itself out" after being on the pill.
    The only thing you can really do is wait (I know it's awful!) If AF hasn't shown up in another few days test again or make a doctor appointment, though they probably won't be much help to be honest, they usually say "be patient" :roll:

    Hope you know one way or the other soon (and really really hope it's a BFP!) xx
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