Way TMI...but can anyone help??

HI everyone,
My goodness I am having the longest few days ever!! I usually post on ttc after mc but thought I would see what you all think....
I am currently on cd34. After mc I had 3 cycles of 28 days then last cycle was 26 days. I've had loads of BFNs although haven't tested today.
I noticed when I went to the toilet I have discharge similar to ewcm. If I look closely there are really small traces of brown/pink there. Is this a sign of af coming or pregnancy? I don't really pay much attention to my cm but because I'm late I'm studying it a lot more haha!
As well as this I am (some more TMI) constipated and I took some lactulose. I am having very slight cramps but I don't know if this is down to being constipated and taking a laxitive, if its a sign of af coming or even if it is all in my head!!!
Please if anyone has any thoughts let me know. Not going to test again until Wednesday. Has anyone noticed this kind of cm and has it been a sign of pregnancy? Or is it just the witch coming? That turned into a bit of a ramble haha!
Thanks everyone


  • Hi Rachwill, i'm not sure, i've only just started symptom spotting so i'm really interested in hearing what other people's symptoms are - sorry i can't help but i do wish you lots of luck and babydust!xx
  • Thanks Geekie. Not feeling very positive for this month and just wish I could know either way. Lots of babydust going your way too! xxx
  • I wonder could you be ovulating very late as I have only noticed EWCM once and later that day had a slight pink streak on the toilet paper. I didnt realise you can get ov bleeding but you can.
    It could also be implantation bleeding ;\)
  • Could be implantation bleeding hun xx I know a couple of the girls on here who have got pg recently had a lot of cm when they were due on so you never know! xx
    Good luck xx
  • Its a bugger that AF and pg symptoms are so similar.

    I'd wait to test again tomorrow as you said! Good luck
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