one step pregnancy test...



  • ooh tell us!! Cramps are not bad - I am still having them now!! Good luck xx
  • im feeling nervous, excited, scared, sick, lol just about every feeling. They didnt have any fr's when i went to tescos last night and i was going straight to work so i ended up not getting one....but i did anothe ebay one today and i got a stronger line!!!!!!! then i woke my hubby up and MADE him do a test LOL to make sure that they aren dodgy and im not seeing things...but thank god he didnt have even the slightest hint of a line so this totally boosted my confidence in the test. going to get a fr today. OMG!!
  • Massive congratulations!!!xxxx
  • was u preg Hun Iv got these test

  • Hi unsure as to whether this is a positive or not ...


  • Hi Lilo12. 

    I am new here, your test looks + to me. I've just ordered several of these tests from the Internet. How are you finding them? 

  • Hi, yes hopefully. Really easy to us and i was able to test quite early....6/7 days at least. 

  • I am so pleased for you. Do you know when you ovulated? I'm currently 8DPO and unsure when to test as I don't know when my period is due! (Irregular Cycles) 


  • Im not a 100% i thought it was the 4th, but not certain, i would test about 10odp. Everyone is different though so i wouldnt worry if you dont get an early positive. 

  • imagehi I’m new to this I take test in the morning and it shows up negative but if I take it in the evening I have a very faint line does anyone know what it could b as I dont want to get my hopes up 

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