Promise this will be my last post tonight!!!

OH just woke up to me sobbing my heart out because i just feel like such an idiot.

I have decided to come back as me....SAM!!! Never mind hiding behind Tink.

People can think what they like about me, if i have something to say i am going to say it. I know i just said goodbye like an absolute tool but i can't go, no one understands me like the BE ladies do.

I would appreciate it if the Cosmo thread could be forgotten about now and i can just start again (i have a habit of doing that TBH).

I will try not to cause arguments on here anymore, i have banned Cosmo from my laptop, i want nothing to do with that site. I will ask TTC/Baby questions and only those image

I hope everyone can see me for the genuine person that i actually am and if you think i am an idiot please tell me.

BB, Angel, Shuck and mrslolly - i couldnt leave the food diray :lol: i love it too much. I am not going to edit my stupid posts and start again now.

Love and babydust to all image



  • Hi Sam,

    I'm Beth, welcome to BE :lol:

    Glad you're staying image xx
  • Double Post!!

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  • that didnt last long :lol: shortest fairwell on be i think x
  • Double, double post :lol:

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  • Hi Sam, welcome to BE,
    I am Mrs H xxx
  • All this celeb of b.e has gone to her head hehe!! Diva tink image. X x x We all love her!
  • Hi Sam, I'm Donna. Glad you decided to come back xx
  • hi sam im angel welcome hun.xxxx
  • Lol well my OH told me just to stop been an idiot and (i quote) "get your arse back on that website and change that stupid name and go back on as yourself, people can judge you for been yourself but they cant change you and the people who love you wouldnt change you so if they dont like it they can lump it"

    Wise man, in the space of about 10 mins he managed to change my mind and he actually made sense. x
  • Hi sweetheart, you scared the crap out of me, I leave the site for a few hours and you nearly leave! Don't do it again, love you loads and (((((hugs))))) coming your way!!!!!

  • OMG I totally missed all this - Glad you not leaving image

    Oh and I may aswell follow the trend - Hello Sam - I am Heidi.

  • Snugglenush I love your real name!! I have the most gorgeous niece in the whole wide world and her name is Heidi image x
  • Hi Sam you little minx I am Christine lovely to meet you aka Sparkling Diamond.

    Dont leave as I find your posts really welcoming and I know you have been trying for quite some time so please stay on here and I hope we can become friends *waves hi* xx
  • Hi Sam, glad you decided to hang around. I came here from YAYW as I was sick of all of the nasty posts on there! I'm Lisa, nice to meet you! x
  • Ooh forgot to properly introduce myself, I'm Laura xxx
  • *waving like a loon*

    Hi Christine, havent seen you in ages!!!!

    Heidi, i LOVE the name!! I hope this doesnt make me sound mad but i picture a girl with pigtails that curl up on each side!!!!
  • BB i LOVE the pic, mmmmmm cheesecake!!! xx
  • :lol: Tink when my sister told me she was calling her LO Heidi, I imagined red hair, pigtails and a girl in a yellow dress skipping up a mountain but I think that is pippy long stockings or something :lol: I love it now though, it's such a pretty name image
  • LOL funny you should say that - but I am sat on my sofa wtih some pigtails just like that! HAHA.

  • I know I just havent been able to stop stuffing my face so thought I would leave the healthy eating posts until after XMAS!!

    am just in my 2ww at the moment its hell on earth and its only MONTH 1!!

    I dont know how you do it hun, you are a very strong, lovely lady with pure determination.

    Is this your first lo? x
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