Pls someone padlock my bathroom cabinet !!

It needs a big padlock and a note that says

*not to be opened until 17th June*

as I made the mistake of poas this morning which is way too early as i'm only 6 dpo (or is it 7dpo, do you count from ov day or the day after ov day ?)

Arrrggghhhh this 2ww is the longest two weeks ever !! :lol:


  • I am the same lol I nearly tested today but I had to stop myself as I am not due my AF until next week and I know if I test now I may get a BFN and then will be :cry: but I am so temped lol

    Gem x

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  • ahhh its hellish aint it!!
    i have no idea wen i ov'd but im thinking possibly 28th may, so would that make me 12 or 13dpo?
    i last tested sunday and BFN so 8 or 9 dpo. gosh this gets more complicated every time! haha
  • nooooooo lol, give them to your hubby to hide! lol good luck when you test x
  • Lol i no how you feel huni im not due to test until 27th which is ages away yet!!! good luck image x
  • :lol: I have told my hubby the same thing, the past month ive been terrible. I actually bought 16 pg tests in 5 days and the trouble is once you know they are there, you just cant help it! hehe


  • Ive got 4 sat in my cupboard, 3 access diagnostic test strip ones and 1 FR test. Grrrr, I hate this waitng malarky !!! I'm not normally this impatient except for when it comes to ttc !
  • I couldnt wait, i used all my 16 in a week! I finally realised i need help. :lol:
    I decided not to buy anymore and wait till ive missed AF and wait for symptoms too, that way i aint wasting my money.


  • MrsPinkPlayboy, 16 tests!!!!!!! hehe, thats gotta be a record. This is only my first month off the pill and i'm on CD38, got excited from about CD26 and tested loads and then resigned myself to my cycles being erratic. Got a positive ov stick on sat tho so now 4DPO so am already itching to test. It's sooooooo hard. I hate the 2ww. We should make that a facebook group, hehe
    Keep strong ladies
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