Im SMEP'ing it this month !!

After reading all of the success stories on the net about this SMEP i think i might just try it !!

I actually have a CBFM but thought following this plan too cant hurt !!!

Who else is trying it ??

Ooo forgot to say this will only be my 2nd month of ttc !!



  • Good luck Jo !! I have done it this month just waiting game now ... when do you start ?
    I just a persona machine (similar to CBFM) and the OV sticks

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  • Hey Jo, good luck with SMEP! I'm on CD16 of my 1st SMEP month and it's our 2nd month ttc too! My hubby is enjoying it - I got my first positive on an internet OPK last night so plenty of BD'ing over the next few days!
    What day are you on pet? Fingers crossed for September babies for us! x
  • Hi,

    Well AF arrived 5 minutes ago, so ill count tomorrow as my that right ?? As my window on my CBFM is between 6.30am - 12.30pm?

    So ill be able to start in 10 day's !! Finger's crossed !!

    Id love a September baby, we got married in September this year so would be a lovely 1st year anniversay present for us !!

    Good luck to you all !!


  • Hi jo_ttc, you should come join us on the SMEP post! Good luck chook! xxx
  • hi hun, you count cd1 as first day of full flow. we are doing smep this mont, there is a thread on here with a few of us doing it, join us. we are on cd15 so a non bd day. im getting ov pains so just waiting for my pos opk.xx

    good luck
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