Pain like a pulledm muscle

Ok i am one week away from taking a test so fingers crossed i have a feeling of a pulled muscle in my lower abdomen with no explanation as i have not done anything to pull a muscle has anyone else ever experienced this? image xxxxxxxx


  • Ahh it's u!! image
    I really think that's a good sign mate!! don't wanna get your hopes up but that's the only way i can describe how my belly feels, and it has done since day 1!
    Hopefully others will post and say the same...xxxx

    p.s might be better to post this in 'Pregnancy' as many people in 'trying for a baby' may not have been pregnant before to experience this....x

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  • Bloody hell women i am trying to be discreet lol!! Good idea i shall post it now and how do you know its me! lol xxxxxxxxx
  • You are discreet - no one knows who i am on here - so no one knows who u r!
    I know it's you because u saw your first post and it was pretty much the same as what you emailed me + the horsey name image
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