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Hey Girls

Just a quick bulletin to say thanks for the giggles last night!! Haha.

I will not be loggin on tonight as I am going to see Take That as a last minute plan! Woohoo.

However this will take my mind off POAS til tomorrow! Still no sign of AF!! So am feeling hopeful now!! Which I cant ait to do now!! Am so nervous!!

Love and Baby Dust to all



  • u'll be fine think positive! have fun at take that! lots of baby dust to u!
    oh an *lilac clears her throat* "it only takes a minute girl only take i minute girl to........

  • Hehe --- Im well lookin forward to it. Goin with my SIL so hopin we'll get to chat bout things to!!We have bee a bot distance since I announced TTC and esp wen I told her I was late!!

    Positive thoughts goin everyones way!!

  • Oooooooh I went to see TT a few weeks ago and they were absolutely brilliant!! Getting your throat ready for lots of singing, screaming and generally whooping about!!

  • u'll be fine chin up chick! xxxx
  • How jealous am , take that woohoo!!! Have a great time hun, even if u did manage to escape my clutches!!!

    kim xxx
  • Haha -- It was the perfect excuse to go!! I need to get away from Kim on Babyexpert -- Shes makin me POAS!! Haha if i had have said that think SIL would have been well confused!!

  • Hey chick! Im about to POAS now. Got a Clearblue test from Waitrose as advised by the girls last night. If this shows a BFN then I can put my mind at ease and await AF. Still no sign and yet I have felt as though she should be here for 3 days now. Its weird. No full on cramps just little ones. Boobs very hard too but that could be either thing! Lets hope its the baby related one eh!!!!
  • Zoe have a fab time yes you only got one day left before you poas you know what they say or what jenna would say JUST HAVE A LITTLE PATIENCE! LOL

    Have fun xx
  • jen24 that is so cheesy but i love it!

    Im going to see TT in two weeks, maybe its a sign!
  • hi babe! have a brill night the gig is FANTASTIC! im a huge fan myself! we saw them in bcn on the 20th october! they are the best when it comes to live shows! we actually got to see howard do the backflips before he got injured (poor dear!) hope u have a lovely time xxxxx
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