Not good:( x

Morning ladies,

well iv done my 11dpo pg test and got another bfn!! I really thought this was my month, due to using cbfm, pre-seed, even travelled bloody miles to meet my oh as we was working away when I got my first peak!! Iv felt complety different aswell (probably just had a bug)
I don't hold much luck ttc month 9 either!!! Feels like I'm never going to get my two pink lines?

Sorry about the moaning ladies, hope every1 else is doing ok?


  • Ohh liannemg, im so sorry!! Im sort of in the same boat so i can totally understand how you feel.
    I did my last cheapy hpt at 8dpo this morning and was greated with a BFN. I had blood streaked cm yesterday at 7dpo so was sort of hoping i had a chance but deep down felt it was a sign that AF was just around the corner!
    We will hav to brush ourselves down and star over again, nxt month will be our month!! xxx
  • Sorry to hear this hun, dont give up hope yet try not to test again for a few days and see what happens you never know x
  • hi lianne,
    i tested yesterday (10 dpo) and got bfn and am really down today too! I thought this was my month as have been having different symptoms. We have been trying properly same as you but having unprotected for over a fed up and feel like i will never get two lines.
    I guess there is still hope as many people get bfns then go on the get bfps when af is due x
  • Aww huni try not to give up yet its not over till af shows her ugly head!!! Fingers crossed for you.x
  • hey hun, its not over til af comes, keeping my fingers crossed for you that u get the result u need asap. xx
  • Thank you so much ladies...

    You all keep me going!

    K-A, I used 2 cheapy ebay ones (supposed to be early ones) I thought id save my decent one's incase my af didn't arrive on Thurs...Which i wish wouldn't happen?

    Thanx againimage

  • Aww hunni, please don't give up yet, will keep everything crossed for you xx
  • keep up the pma lianne - it's still not too late xxx
  • Got everything crossed for you Hunnie.x. Xxx
  • hi liane i tested again this morning (12 dpo) like the idiot that i am and it was bfn on a tescos cheapie. Feel even more depressed now! Just know im out - really really bad cramps x
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