I'm back after 5 days on cloud 9.....[color=red]2nd UPDATE[/

Ladies I'm back in ttc - not that I really left - just so you know I tested early, just a couple of days and got a faint line, tested 2 days later a darker line. Today I started my af 4 days later than I should have. This is hell on earth, at least this time, thank god, I didn't have to go through 11weeks of pg before losing this bean. :cry:

As per the thread that I saw last week I don't think I'll be testing early anymore! Still It wouldn't have helped me in this case as I got a poistive the day after af was due but I think next time I will wait a few extra days to save the heartache.


Thank you all for your kind words and thoughts. I spoke with the on call doctor today, she told me to keep taking the progesterone they started me on and to come in on Monday. They will run some blood tests and do an internal ultrasound on Monday morning when they open. I'm not sure how long it'll take for the tests to come back. She is an obstetrician and she said that 50% of women that bleed do lose there beans and the rest do not so I am really hoping I'm am in the 50% that do keep them. I am not hopeful though as my left bb is not sore today like it was so I think my hcg is dropping. I will update you once I find out more. Thank you all again. I guess my time will come eventually.

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I am definately back, I started bleeding heavily in the night, cramping and lots of clots. I took a hpt this morning and it was bfn. So I am back for sure. I am happier knowing one way or the other. Being in limbo is worse.

Thank you ladies for your thoughts and kind words, I'll be around a little longer.

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