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Do you ever feel like it'll never happen

Does anyone on here feel like the day of that second line coming up will never happen to them.

I have done a hpt today - eventhough I did say I will not test early, and of course had a BFN, I am around10 DPO. I've used SD hpt and know that they are quite sensitive so I suspect I am out again!

I just feel it will never happen to me, appraching that 6 month mark, and starting to feel really scared!
When I test now I just get that feeling of knowing it won't be, always seems to be someone else with bfp, don't get me wrong it is always nice hearing about other ladies getting bfp (gives hope that it can happen) but can't stop feeling like it will never be me.

I had a really vivid dream last night, that I 've had a baby boy and I loved him instantly and my oh was there and he was smilin at the baby. I think this is why I tested, and now I feel even worst! Bit blue which is only a further confirmation that af is coming :\(

Sorry about the morning moan, having my first morning coffee and sharing this...



  • I think everyone feels like that no matter how long you have been trying. I know I certainly do in my head I am beginning to not even ever see us with a baby but I guess 26 months down the line that is what it does to you.

    You just have to be strong pick yourself back up and be positive about the next cycle. However it could still be your month x
  • i think you go through different stages,ive been ttc 26 months now also and im prob no where near stressed about it as i was at say 9-12 month and voiced it so but now i take a step back and watch other people stress,im done stressing,im more pissed off now :lol:
  • Thank yoru for your reply Mrs Chambers. 26 months I do feel for you ( in a non patronizing
    way) just as a woman to woman kind of way.. I think it is true what you say about the time it really doesn't matter how long it is stil heartbreaking, but I guess wht it has done to me is that feel less hopeful each month..

    I think my fear is running out of time, I m 36, and know time is not on my side... We'll see what happens..
    Hope it will happen for us both xxx
  • Good Luck ladies, im at the start of my journey so no concerns (yet) but just wanted to wish you all the best of luck and sending you lots of baby dust xxxxxx

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  • Oh grudie, you are funny! Good that you can take an different attitude to it all. I guess ppl learn to cope and anything goes, just keeping sane..

    I don't stress really, I just get really really sad
  • hiya all, im the same naturelle, i dont really stress out about it, it just makes me sad, and does feel like it will never happen. but im sure we will prove ourselves wrong, i have come to the conclusion that the reason we feel it will never happen is coz we r only used to seeing bfn's and having 'symptoms' and then af arriving, coz we dont no any different, thats what we expoect everytime? i think that makes sense? anyways im sure it will happen, even if it feels like it wont xxxx
  • * Broody Kate - thank you and good luck!
    * mrs me you are absolutely righ, it is exactly that, is a whole vicious circle of expectation, hope and even excitment only to come down with a thump usually in the form of bfn!
    Everytime I look at that stick I just know the second line won't be there, it is weird!
    It si good to come on here though and know that possibly every lady in ttc thread probably knows what we are talking aboutimage xx
  • i no, im the same! i swear that second line doesnt exist!
  • ah ladies it will come when you least expect it and it just mean you have an extra special baby on the way

    the storks just sitting in wait at finding the perfect one for you thats all xx
  • fanx grudie thats sweet image sorry for bfn julianne, *group hug* xxxxx
  • Julianne sorry to hear about you also.
    (((hugs to all))) xxx
  • I'm there with you all.
    I did an early test yesterday, and i yet again got a BFN!! a collegue at work today bought her 3 month scan picures int and broke the news that she is pregnant...its like a constant knock back! Well lets hope month 8 may bring me some good news?? Try and stay stong ladies xxx
  • totally agree, only on month 2, but I just cant imagine ever seeing that 2nd line! im with mrs me about that 2nd line being a myth!!

  • Hang in there hun - it'll be a long journey for some of us, a fast one for others. Why that happens seems so unfair if you're the one who has to wait, I know... There are times when I say to myself, I give up, it's not going to happen anyways because I'm 36 too and know it's a strike against me.

    Try to keep up the PMA as best you can, come on here and you'll be encouraged by so many lovely ladies!

  • Thank you canuckmom for your kind words. I do hope its too long of a journey, but regardless it is a journey I am prepered to take...
    Age is a factor of course, mind you at my previous job my boss was pg with her 1st one at age 40 and took her 6 months, so everyone is different!
    She did not look 40 though lol
    Anyway I am hoping that my good genes might help and the fact that I have always looked after myself, don't smoke, excersise etc.. but you just don't know really..Obvciously there are all different factors to think of.
    Will see...
    Hang in here I guess, it really does help as evryone is so lovely and helpfull and we obviously all share the same desire of having a baby!
  • hiya, i completely understand what you mean. I cant imagine ever being pregnant and after so many negatives, cant imagine getting that second line. TTC can make you feel a bit crazy - weve been having upsi for a year and actively trying since nov. You should read both our threads for 6+ ttcers. Lots of the ladies on both our threads had got bfps after 6months-18 months in the past month! That certainly gives you some hope xxx
  • Hi

    I think its a big case of 'a wathed kettle never boils'. Thats a silly thing to say but I think you get what I mean! lol
    It always feels like waiting because we wait to test for a month.
    The thing is you don't have to worry until you have been trying for 2 years - 90% of couples will conceive within this time.

    The usual is between 6-12 months I believe from my gynae) so really anyone conceiving earlier is doing better than normal.

    Thats not to say there is definitely something wrong if you've had no joy in 24 months but just that the medics will begin to do further tests to check things over.

    Hope you can chill a bit hon - although I think I should take my own advice there too! x
  • Hi girls,

    Naturelle - that could have been my post!!!!! I feel exactly the same way, I am 36 and we have been ttc for 15 months, AF came yesterday boo hoo. I have stopped poas coz it upsets me so much seeing that bfn.

    While I know all the evidence says that most couples conceive in the first 2 years - it doesnt soften the blow every month and I honestly cant ever imagine me being pregnant even though I want it soooooooo much.

    But carry on we will and with hope in our hearts!!!! xxxxx
  • * samsa, I looked at the 6+ttcrs, it definitely gives hope image
    Testing really doesn't help, every month I say I'll not do it and always give in 2-3 days before AF arrives, it should be classed as some kind of disorer!

    *Robin do get your point, and statistics are always good to know, but it is not the rational side I have a problem it is the emotinal one.
    I do belive babies do come when they want to come it just that I'd love one right now.

  • Jonzemonkey sorry AF got you.. I think we said it both, it is not about the evidence and statistics and reality of TTC and factors involved, but how it affects you as a person when you want something so much. It kind of feels like its unachivable eventhough deep in your heart you hope every time.
    I hope and pray! xx

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