Telling the difference...

Maybe TMI sorry, but how do you know when you just have more CM or if its 'swimmers' departing?

Ive had moments the morning after BD'ing that im not sure whether or not I have alot of CM or if it is because we've BD...(sorry again!) image



  • LOL - that really made me giggle as I felt exactly the same on Sunday morning!!

    Not much help I know, I just wanted to let you know that I can totally relate - and also didnt want to just R&R !

  • Ha ha that did make me smile! That is the worst bit when swimmers depart. I am exactly the same. I couldn't tell the difference myself either but just had to comment on the post image

  • haha 'departing swimmers' thats the most lady like way of putting it tho lol xxxx
  • I dont think you can always tell hun xx Just have to keep on BDing i suppose! he he xx
  • I agree with *me* the best way of describing it yet, very ladylike :lol:

  • ps i have no idea how to tell the difference, 'departing swimmers' lol arnt usually very stringy, whereas my ewcm is.... but who knows, that may just be my h2b? lol x
  • Thanks ladies!!! It did take me a while to think how to word it! Glad it gave everyone a tickle! Guess i'll have to keep 'studying' the erm.....'findings'???!!!! LOL! xxx
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