I really thought we had done it this month however af arrived very very heavy on Tuesday. It has completly stopped by this morning.

The thing is my temp is still high and so are my cervics and i am also feeling really sick today .

Anyone any ideas ?


  • Have you tested?
  • Do you or anyone else think it is worth me testing. got none in the house.
  • Yes I do, go and get a asds, or tesco, at ??5 for two it`s worth it, and if not you can put the other one away for next month
  • I kind of agree with SB... not sure it'd be worth testing.

    I was just thinking of posting a similar thing actually. Whenever I get AF, its really heavy for the first day and I get really really painful cramps. Then it practically stops - well is very light, no cramps and then after 3 days it goes off completely. Then it comes back for about half a day. I've always found it random, but I just think its one of those things that our bodies do.

    Hope you feel better xxxxxxxxx
  • Emzy
    what normall happens with your temperature. mine goes down first day of AF and then flucutates. You could have a bug which might make you feel poorly and elevate the temp... was AF when you expected?
    Take care
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