FAO: CBFM addicts :)

Hi Girls,

Could do with some advise. I had a really short cycle this month. I had a period for 3 days and then it stopped! Thats unusual because I normally bleed for about 6 days, not pregnant, just think it's a weird one off cycle. Anyway I am on CD12 today but yesterday I had quite alot of creamy white CM, more than usual and when I POAS yesterday I had a high on my fertility monitor and done it again today and it is still saying high. I am confused because this is the 4th month using the mon and every month uptil now I am getting a high on day 15 so to get it yesterday day11 and again today on day 12 is strange.

Has anyone else experienced this? Could I be ovulating earlier this month?

Do you think so far this is a good sign?

Maddie xx


  • Hi maddie, it could be possible yes that you're ovulating earlier...I think it's a good sign for you...

    Good luck

  • I'm having some strange results with the CBFM. Last cycle I went straight to peak really early on my cycle. This month I'm on my 7th high day so far. Have had one month were I had 17 high days!

    But I think the exact day of OV can vary and is affected by diet stress exercise etc... But your luteal phase will only vary by 1-2days max. So sounds normal to me. That's the best think about tracking OV as you can time it right. If I left it to the estimated days I dont think I would ever BD around the right time of the month.
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