Hi Im New and Nervous!

Hi all!
Im new here and just wanted to introduce myself. Im Rebecca, 26 and have been with my partner John for 2 and a half years. I have just stopped the pill and am waiting for my period (last pill was taken thursday). We are going to try for a baby as soon as my period has finished! We go away on holiday on the 1st July to Greece too so it will be a nice relaxed start in trying to conceive.

Just wondered about everyone else, where they are from etc.

Im really nervous about trying as i had PID when i was 21 and although they think i should be able to conceive the more i think about it the more scared i get and i dont want to stress myself out unneccesarily!

Hope everyone is well - look forward to getting to know you all!!

Beckie x x


  • Hey Beckie, just wanted to say hi and welcome...everyone on here is really friendly and helpful...if you want to know anything, I mean anything....just ask.

    good luck with ttc.

  • hi Beckie, and welcome to ttc!! Hope you are an obsessive, cos if not you soon will be! :lol:

    Try and put your worries about the pid out of your mind. Just bundle it up and chuck it in the bin.

    Sounds like you have timed it well with your holiday etc, all that sun sea and relaxation should set the scene for some great bd'g! image

    have a lovely hol, and good luck with the ttc. xx

    ***********babydust to you************* x


  • hi becky. welcome to the site. i also stopped taking my pill on thursday and am waiting for period. although the way i feel this morning i dont expect its too far away. i agree with mrs richardson ive been posting on here a couple of weeks now just asking a few questions about things and everyone is so nice and helpful. hope you get that bfp soon.xxx
  • Hello there, Good luck with everything and try not to worry about the PID, if they caught it and treated it you'll be fine, it's only when it's been left untreated for years that it causes problems.
    I'm Kate by the way.
  • Hey - Thank you all for welcoming me - Its so lovely!!

    Im not sure on some of these abbreviations......

    I can see ttc is trying to conceive but what is bd'g etc?

  • just bumped up abbreviations code for you!! Welcome to the site - you'll get the hang of the shorthand in no time!
  • Hi Beckie, welcome to the site. It's a godsend when you're worried about something. There's usually someone who's experienced the same.

    Hope your af turns up quickly amd is soon out the way, but try not to worry if she doesn't show. It's normal for the pill to have messed with the body a little.

    Good luck with ttc, hope you enjoy your hol! xx
  • hi becky, welcome. im a newbie to. im 21 and me and my husband have been together for 5 years in september and are trying for our first baby like yourselves. im sure if the pid that you had was a really big problem then the docs would have said. im in a similar situation myself, i had chlamydia when i was 17 and im scared that it has effected my chances. all you can do is try and hope for the best. good luck and i hope you have a great holiday. will speak again soon im sure

    Joanna x x
  • Hi Joanna = thats what they think caused my PID. They didnt say anything major just if i havent conceived by 30 try IVF but my doctor said thats a standard response to cover anything so i shouldnt be worried. I know im getting stressed over nothing - havent even had my period yet !! Cramps are here though so the rest wont be far behind!!

    Im really looking forward to settling down on this forum and sharing such a special journey with everyone and making new friends
  • hiya, welcome to the mad world of ttc.

    we'll be here to share your tears, rants, and joy with you image

  • Whereabouts do you live Beckie?
  • Hello there,

    Welcome, althe best with the bding.
    OH and I are going to start trying again in aug so shouldn't be too far behind you.
    I've got everything crossed for you and sending you babydust with this reply.


  • Hi - Im in Cobham in Kent - Where is everyone else in the country?

    Babydust - thats lovely!
  • I'm in West London
  • I work in west london - South Kensington in fact x
  • Oooh, my mum works in South Ken - At the Royal Marsden hospital. I'm a bit further out. Live in Ealing and work in Acton.
  • Ah im not far from there - im next to Imperial College and then Science Museum.
  • im in southampton x
  • Just wanted to say welcome to Beckie and that you'll settle in here no problem,everyone is so friendly and if you've got a problem there's always someone who can help!
    I'm from Portsmouth by the way!
  • Hi Beckie, welcome! Im on my first month of ttc at the moment and am due to test on Tuesday if my period doesnt come before that. Im 27 and in Swindon!
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