Am I pregnant?

Hi there,

Me and my bf had unprotected sex on 28th June, 14 days into my cycle, which was my most fertile day. Although, I am some months 2/3 days late. I am starting to wonder if I am pregnant because I dont feel like I am going to 'come on' and I have a headache today and I occasionally get sharp pains in my nipples and they are enlarged. I also have a funny taste in my mouth and feel like I have lost my appetite a bit. Could I be pregnant? Has anyone else had early signs of pregnancy like this?


  • its possible and those sound about right to me, but it could indicate something else other than pregnancy. why don't you do a test to put your mind at rest? good luck x
  • Hi and welcome to the site, it is possible that you could be pg but only a very slim chance. Have you done a test??? If you want to be pg good luck.
  • It is possible but probably unlikely, but i'd do a test just to be sure. Your symptoms could just be your period.

    Good luck xxx
  • I agree - you could be but it's not definite as period (AF)symptoms can be the same a pg symptoms. Do a test to see xx
  • I am also wondering if I am pregnant, I have had the worst taste in my mouth this afternnon not even chewing gum will shift it. For the past week I have been feeling so sick most of the time and am really light headed. I have got mild pains in my tummy low down mainly on the right hand side. I am due AF on sat but may test in tomorrow morning as I feel so horrible if I am not pregnant I must be getting the flu or something. This is only my first month of TTC so I would be shocked if I got a BFP so quickly (fingers crossed thought!)
    I would test if I were you it will put your mind at rest! Good luck x
  • I had a lot of these symtoms last month and was 8 days late before AF arrived! I hope your is the BFP, but bear in mind that AF and PG symptoms can be the same xx Good luck to you both xx
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