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When u get your BFP's Who are you going to tell image
With my son i told EVERYONE ASAP :lol: but after 2 mc i think this time i will be holing back.

Although through family probs i only have dad+step mum & sil who is also my bestfriend in my life :lol: WOW billy no mates :lol: image :lol: image o o o And U lovely ladys xx

1st i will tell OH and U ladys image then SIL
At 8ish weeks i will tell my dad+stpmum
after 12week scan ill tell odd people on facebook (my 63 friends :roll: ) lol

What about everyone elce ????????????


  • we were talking about this the other night. wil my lo we were the same everyone knew at 5 weeks but i think this time round i will be telling you ladys and a couple of very close friends. then after a few weeks we will tell the family.xx
  • Ooh, even thinking about it makes me so excited, I can't wait to get my BFP!! I'll tell DH first and you girls, then I will def tell my mum and dad as my mum knows we are ttc. Will prob tell my best friend and my 2 brothers fairly soon after, maybe 8 weeks if I can hold out!! Everyone else I'll tell after 12 week scan. Wow, please let it happen soon - thinking about how I would tell people is making me so excited!!! Is it weird that I've already thought of the different ways I might announce it to DH??? Hehe.
  • I definitely want to wait for 12 weeks. My best friend told everybody the min she had bfp and had mc at 7weeks
    and I want to tell people in person and my family lives in Germany
    It will be hard to wait for such a long time but I gonna stick to it mainly as MIL really doesn't want us to have children yet and don't want her to freak me out..
  • Funnily enough i was thinking about that this morning what with Christmas coming up and all.I was also thinking about how i would tell them. I am thinking about this TTC lark waaaaaaayyyy too much me thinks! This 2ww is really dragging now, lol!

    I was thinking that i would want the support of my family if something happened (although obviously hoping it doesn't!) Therefore i would probably tell my mum + step dad, my dad and step mum, OH's parents and my OH's brother and SIL. They are the people i could trust to keep it secret (although a tad worried about OH's mum!) and they would be the people i would be able to turn to if anything happened and we needed their support. Everyone else i would want to wait until 12 weeks. x
  • Obviously i'd tell my OH first, then you ladies. In theory i want to leave it this time until i'm showing, but in reality i'm not sure I can wait. For me the milestone will be getting past 27 weeks, thats when my last pregnancy ended. If i can wait until the 20 week scan that would be good. x
  • Oops, i appear to have left off OH and you ladies, brain mush going on! image Of course i would tell OH first and then you lovely ladies before telling any family! :\)

    So sorry to hear about your loss dotty, i can't imagine how that must have felt. Fingers crossed this next time around that everything goes to plan. x
  • Sorry to hear about your loss Dotty, can't begin to imagine what you went through xxxx

    Oooh who would I tell...Obviously OH then everyone on here!
    Last time I told my sister 1st but she's having problems TTC and just been told she has fibroids and an ovarian cyst. I keep swinging between telling her straight away or waiting till 12 weeks. I guess I'll cross that bridge when it comes to it!
  • we were the same with my DS cos he was not planned my OH took it on himself to go down the pub and tell all his mates i was preg!!!! i was only 5 weeks MAX!!! late xmas present LOL

    I only told my BEST friend in the whole wide world LOL and my mum we are very close

    This time i will have to tell my best friend but thats prob it i dont no if i should tell my mum OH has said we will keep it quiet till 12 weeks this time but i dont no when he has got news he is such a girl about it he tells everyone like the day we decided to TTC he told a couple of people down the pub we went for a wii night i was like come on i still had to have my coil removed yet and he was telling people lol :lol: :lol:

    He is such a kid he gets so excited LOL :lol: :lol:
  • Just about everyone I know knows that I am ttc so I'd just tell everyone I think. I'm a nurse so need to tell work anyway. I'd tell my mum first and then work from there. I woyuld tell dd (nearly 5) but explain to her that its very early days and might not result in a baby. Better tell my donor too!
  • Think i would prob only tell OH and you ladies. When i got BFP back in April we told my mum and dad, father-in-law, sis-in-law & my bro and his wife however was gutted having to tell them it was all over when i mc so next time just gonna keep it to the 2 of us. Maybe tell one of my best mates as she is a trained midwife so i can call on her for advise.
  • I'll tell my OH first and then probably tell you ladies and the few people I have told who know I am TTC. I'm gonna try and keep it a secret until my 12 week scan!
  • So far only me & OH know and a couple of close friends.
    We are having a private scan in early Dec (hopefully the 3rd) and then we want to tell parents & siblings on Sat 5th, and then grandparents on the Sunday.

    And then no-one else until we're past the 12wk mark. I am 12wks on 29th Dec so will let my parents tell their mates etc on New Years Eve - and then i'll start telling the world from the New Year onwards!

    PLEEEEASE let it all go well, have a sticky bean, and happen like that!


  • You guys, my OH and then no one until after 12 weeks xx
  • Plan on testing with DH so he'll know first..

    After that of course I will be on BE telling you lovely ladies.

    I'll be testing on the 22nd my birthday is the 26th and have my mum dad and brother are round for a meal... if its a BFP we'lll be announcing it to them then, the DH's mum and OH on the following wednesday.

    Apart from that no one until the 12 weeks.... If I could hold off that long! xxx
  • Hi,

    OH and I have discussed this and don't want to tell anyone until 12 weeks and the scan.
    My dream is (unlikely as this is) is to be past 12 weeks on our wedding day and during the speeches, OH saying something along the lines of there being not one but two new (insert new surname) in the family and see who twigs.

    But that's a daydream. Reality check keeping it to ourselves as long as possible - although OH just gets overexcited and tells his mum - he did it when we were getting married - we agreed to wait and tell both mums in the same weekend, but he just couldn't wait!!
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