Starting 2ww

Think I ov'd yesterday, day 15 of 28 day cycle, so Im finally on the 2ww! Feel like ive been waiting for it for ages! Now ive just gotta wait some more :roll:

Getting back ache today, had it for 3 days tho, could just be general back ache or do you think it could be related to Ov'ing?

Lea xx


  • When i was OV'ing i had a really sore back too, like at the lower part.
    I was due to OV on thurs accorting to my tracker but had lots of EWCM on tues so am taking it from then. So im currently 5DPO and SS lol.
  • BabyNowPlease I just thought I'd let you know that I get EWCM a few days before a positive ovulation test so you might want to bd a few extra days (if you're not already and of course only if you don't get your BFP which I hope you will!) just in case x
  • Hi goonie image
    My EWCM started around sunday/monday so we BD sunday, monday, tues and thursday. Just incase lol.
    But the EWCM was all gone by thurs and deffo none over the weekend. But we did do the deed lots hehe.
    Should be around 5DPO if i count it from tues and have been getting a few symptoms which i dont usually get after OV and before AF and most of them the same as last time i was preg so im hoping this is a good month for me image
  • Hey girls, I had EWCM on CD14 and think i Ov'd on CD15...sore back from CD14-16 so have just got plenty of BDing in! This our first month so im not getting optimistic, we will be VERY luck to get a bfp on 1st cycle! Tho i am most deffinatly going to be a symtom spotter!

    Im quite enjoying having a sex drive again since having implant removed! Think OH is loving it too!!! Tho i do think hes worrying we're only bd because TTC rather than wanting too! but its both!!! lol! Wish we could just poas after ovulation to find out whether a spermy got in or not!! xx
  • Hey! Can I join in? I have just started my first 2ww since beginnng to TTC again (tried in May-October and stopped due to hubby breaking his foot and being out of work for 3 months)! Think I Oved on Friday? Not tracking on anything but EWCM on Wed-Fri. Fingers-crossed for us all!!
  • Hi everyone, I've just started 2ww too, due af on 31st. Good luck to you all xxx
  • I think I ov'd yesterday too but we were only able to bd in the morning as DH caught a flight last night.... I would have loved image to bd a few extra nights but hey, I guess I'm in a forced 2 ww!! Not to be a pessimist but I don't have much pma for this month ....

    Gl to all...

  • BabyNowPlease it definitely sounds like you've got it covered!!

    Good luck to everyone else in the 2ww! Frillypink* you are definitely in with a chance, it only takes once remember image

  • Well im 6DPO today and SS'ing like mad haha.
    Have been having quite a few symptoms, just hoping they lead to my BFP.
    Shopaholic_Lea this is our first month TTC again after an 8month break and im having some good feelings so dont worry about it being your first month image

    Has anyone else had any symptoms as of yet?

    LOTS of baby dust xxxx
  • im on 3dpo going by temps and real symtoms as of yet...tho im sure i could convince myself im getting something!! Was a bit naughty and brought some pg tests today ready to poas...should have jkust waited incase AF turns up really!!!! Opps!

    I didnt really feel anything with my first until i knew i was pg...i had really sore nipples and that was it until 8 weeks which is when my sickness kicked in! so maybe iots a good thing im not noticing anything yet!

    What symtoms have you been getting Em_lou? xx
  • With my first pg i wasnt trying and didnt find out till i was just over 9 weeks, didnt notice any symptoms with that really and had no sickness but ended in a mmc, lost bubs at 7 weeks and miscarried at 14 weeks.
    Then planned our 2nd which too sadly ended in a mmc, but with that one i got sore boobs but just on the sides of my boobs and big veins in them and i just knew i was preg.

    So far i have noticed....
    Sore boobs on sides, they seem a little bigger and my nips seem darker and big veins.
    Have been getting bad headaches on and off
    Have had a high temp
    A congested nose
    My nips seem to irritate a little when rubbed, doesnt feel very nice lol
    Have been feeling sick and have a high sense of smell, which i got with my last preg really bad, my partners parents house has this smell to it and it makes me heave and noticed it this morning when we went round there.
    Been feeling very hungry
    also not sure if im imagining this but keep wanting gravy haha
    then last night started getting cramps in my left side and today had them on and off and feels like AF pains too
    Also today thought AF had come so went to toilet to check and just lots of watery CM (sorry tmi lol)
    also needing to wee a little bit more

    I never had any sickness with my other 2 pregs but think its cause i mmc so early into the preg

  • Hey everyone image
    Brand new to babyexpert loving the site so far !
    Well Im lyd 24yo, Already a mum to two. Been TTC number 3 for 4 months now. Im 3dpo today, Ovulated on friday did TBD thurs, fri, sat, and sunday image Really hoping this will be the month.
    Been gettin a few cramps and feeling really tired but im sure its all in my head I couldnt be having symptoms already !! Or could I ??? image image
    Any one 3dpo Wanna compare syms ?? image image
    Love to all xxxx
  • Hi hun im 6DPO and got my symptoms listed above image
    Only really been noticing mine yday and today.
    Am feeling super positive though so hope it turns out good lol
    Sending you lots of babydust xxx
  • I don't know if I'm wishful thinking or ss already but I'm starting to get a full feeling in the "sisters"... Weird... and a heaviness in my abdomen which I also had with dd... I had a mc in March and strangely had the same symptoms early on but this seems REALLY early... I never have these just post-ov... Fingers crossed and only time will tell :roll:
  • Hey frillypink I have woken up with a heavy dragging cramping deep in my abdomen this morning as well! Never has this before! So hopefully it is a good sign!!
  • morning all. Im on 4 dpo now, not really noticing anything...think its still a little early tho!! Brought some SD tests yesterday tho as they were on offer, 2 box of 2 tests for ??8, or 2 box of 1 test for ??6. So ive shoved them to the back of my drawer so i dont get tempted later on!!

    Still getting twinges in my back occasionally,,,and sorry tmi but keep getting a tad of an upset tummy!

    Love to all xx
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