Well, i've just got back from the hospital and its a good job i put some new pants on!!!!lol.
I had three swabs taken an internal examination and some more bloods taken, wasn't expecting that at all as doc never said anything.
Consultant came in and said he thinks i have Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome.
I've gotta wait for all the results to come back and then go for a scan of my ovaries before they can prescribe anything.
I'm not that shocked as i knew something was wrong but at least things are moving now. DH has to take a sample in aswell just to check him over.
Think we're gonna tell our parents now we're trying now we know something is up but moving on as i'm running out of lies to tell my dad where i keep going!!!
Anyway, thats my story so far.
Sara xx


  • Hi SLOW, I've got PCOS and remember having the scan of my ovaries done. Sounds like you've had a thorough investigation today - hope you're feeling OK. X x
  • Hi RedPenguin,
    I really didn't expect to get the whole works today, i just thought they'd chat to me and then make another appointment to do more investigation. At least its all over an done with in one go. If you don't mind me asking when they do the scan is it internally or from the outside! Might sound like a stupid question i know!lol
  • Hiya,

    It's good that you are getting somewhere now.
    My appt with gp today was pointless. She won't do tests until mc is fully complete (annoying although I can see her point on that) But she warned me that she won't prescribe metformin herself as I want it for fertility. So if I do have pcos she will refer me to a clinic. Am bit annoyed as that is going to take months and months. Grrr. Hubby has said we can look into going private though if that's the case.

    Anyway, I have done LOADS of research on pcos so if you want any info, or to chat just give me a shout.
    A low GI diet really helps. I did that before my bfp and I did ov (although quite late) Also you could try taking Agnus Castus. I am also taking Chromium which is meant to increase insulin sensitivity. AND (and this is really interesting!) apparently Cinnamon is mean to be really good. So am now sprinkling some on my cereal everyday and also putting in smoothies.

    Hope that helps. xxx
  • ah that's good you're getting sorted then! good luck with the scan.
  • I had an internal scan. If I remember rightly, it was the shape of a vibrator covered with KJ jelly! I don't recall it being too uncomfortable tho. They may do external scans too but I'm not really very sure. Sorry, thats probably no help at all. Good luck, X x
  • Just to add -they do internal scans to check your ovaries.
    I have had 3 internal scans recently. Don't worry, they don't hurt at all and are quick. Was a little uncomfortable when she looked at left ovary but more just pushing than painful. They put a condom on my last one which I thought was hilarious!
  • Thanks guys, thanks babyb thats all very helpful. Will look into a lowgi diet now. I like cinnamon aswell. The consultant did say for me to try and loose 10% body fat so i'm back on the wagon so no drinking or chocolate just lots of fruit for me.. Thanks for all your help.
  • No problem. I have bought a PCOS diet book which gives loads of advice so ask away if you want to know anything.

    Main things to do are switch to wholemeal/wheat bread and pasta. Eat lots of fruit and veg. Try to eat a bit of protein with each meal as this slows down blood sugar rise. Eat seeds and nuts for essential fatty acids. Ummmm, think those are the main things.
    Oh also, eat little but often. Have mid morning and mid afternoon snack. You don't have to limit how much you eat - just what you eat really. I too am teetotal... image
    Sucks cos with mc going on I really need a drink but am determined to not set myself back anymore than I already am. x
  • Thank you ever so much. I've stopped drinking now to help the weight loss and already eat wholemeal /wheat bread and pasta so i guess i'm half way there, off to tescos tonight to stock up on lots of fruit yum yum.
  • Good girl!!! We can support each other through this. I am a real carbs junkie so it's not easy. But when I have a moment of weakness I think about why I am doing it and how important it is.

    Another tip - oatcakes are yummy. I have been getting the herb ones and they are actually really nice. I love crisps so it's nice to have something to nibble on. V low gi and quite filling. Even hubby likes them. Have also developed quite a taste for hummous (full fat though - they low fat version tastes totally different and is sooooooo garlicky)
  • I'll look for them to, i'm back to weight watcher tonight as well so everything combined it should start dropping off.
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