Can i take baby asprin


  • I am still waiting for my blood tests to come back to see if i have sticky blood after m/c and dvt.

    Is it safe for me to take a baby asprin everyday whilst trying to conceive ?

    I have been told my blood tests could take upto 3 weeks to come back.

    I know if i do have sticky blood these will be precribed to me but is it safe to take them if i dont have sticky blood ?
  • Im not sure about the asprin, but i was guna ask you about the sticky blood? Ive just had my 3rd mc and have been refered for tests finally, and have wondered about this myself....have they given u any indication that it may be whats wrong??? xxxxxx
  • It can be a symptom of having more than one m/c.
    Mine is being checked out as i have had dvt.
    If you do have sticky blood it can easily be solved with either asprin or heperin.
    I have been told it could take upto 3 weeks for results to come back due to it being a complex test.
  • I had a dvt about 4 years ago now....and this is my 3rd mc, i seem to be mcing a wk after my bfps everytime image I wonder if theyl test for that then, who knows, ru going to keep ttc or wait til your results are back? Just wondering if it would be worth me taking the asprin anyway, cant really do much harm can it?? xxxx
  • Shouldn't really be taken unless under a drs advice.xx
  • I am still going to keep ttc. I did not m/c until 11+5 last time.
    Also started accupuncture this week which totally affected my af. So hopefully my results will come back before ov.
  • I've been prescribed aspirin 75mg and 400 mg of folic acid due to me having sticky blood.

    But everyone is different. So hope you get some positive news from your blood test! TTC is complicated as it is... without having sticky blood.. best of luck xx
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