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Hi Hun
I am loving you new pic of Lennon - how cute is he!!!!!!!!!



  • hey chick how you doing? any af yet??

    thats him doing cheese for the camera lol,i have it bigger,il post it for you to see,he looks so angelic eh!!!!!!!! Dont let him fool you lol

    hes too cute for his own good,i let him away with so much coz he just smiles at me lol
  • he is so so cute Grudie!!!!
    no AF for me yet although I think I had a little brown spotting today!!! only time will tell!!!
    oh and heartburn again!! I have had it 5 times in last 10 days!!!
  • thanks chick,hes my wee sweetie

    whats going on with you this time,is all very strange,all signd of a poss bfp but none,very very strange,i hope your body hurrys up makes its mind up what its doing,cant be very nice for you hun
  • its not nice but my time will come!!! I was thinking last night that I will have my baby when my time is right and when I have him/her I wont wish that I had them any sonner as it wouldnt be them (just that make sense?????/)
    Been to my niece and nephews b/day party today and there were 30 kids there from newborn to about 5years and I am now sooooooooooooooooo broody again!!!!!

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