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well i done fmu hpt 2day n it was BFN again n this is CD50 4 me! so i phoned my docs surgery n i asked if it wud b possible 2 have blood test done 2 see if had any hcg in blood,receptionist asked me 2 hold 4 a sec then came back n said shed had word with nurse no they dont do pg blood tests n that she hadnt heard of them b4.is my docs just bein unreasonable or has ne1 else here requested blood test @ docs n had 1 done??????????? feelin so stressed @ mo as no sign of af or BFP,just wish i knew 1 way or another xx


  • Hi Mushie - I went to my docs after no AF for two months and no BFP after stopping taking the pill.

    The doc was really helpful and although he said I was underweight and it could be the culprit (even though I've always been skinny and I used to have regular periods until I took the pill..), I had blood tests for thyroid levels and hormones.

    Might it help to make a normal appointment and talk to the doc? Even if they don't take any action right now, your concerns will be down on your notes, so if you need to go back, at least you've made a start.

    Good luck!
  • thanks flush,prob will make an appt soon.but wots even more confusin is the fact that i had withdrawl bleed aft pill then 1st proper af came dead on 28 days then 2nd af was prob due begin of this mth but now on CD50 so god knows wots goin on................ x
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