and the moral of the story is.....

if you think your period is on its way it probably is!!!

Sorry that all sounds quite negative but feeling a bit sorry for myself today as it's cd 1 all over again. Was due on today and when I hadn't started by this afternoon I got a bit excited and was even looking at preg tests but held off buying some. I had some niggling back ache and a few odd feelings so thought af may come but also as we had bd at the right time and been quite relaxed etc I was secretly hoping this was the month. Haad been charting temps too and had seen a huge drop which I had hoped was implantation but then temps never really got as high again so that should have been a clue.
It's only month 2 (and have a wonderful 2 yr old) so know is early days and am really lucky anyhow just hoped would be quick this time round.
May do another post as am worried that my post ov phase is too short to sustain a pregnancy (nedds to be 10days?) as is only about 8/9 at the moment. Maybe I should ask docs for a hormine/blood test? ANy thoughts?
Cd 1 anyone? And baby in 2011?!!


  • Hi hun, really sorry to read your post. I think your luteul phase has to be about 12 days but I could be completely wrong. Maybe best to check with your doc...good luck for this cycle xxx
  • Maybe just wait another cycle to see how long your phase is? This month could've been one off...

    I think I'm getting AF too - I know I'm not pregs as DH hasn't been home for over 3 weeks and I had a m/c just before.... I'm strangely excited that she's coming b/c I'm anxious to be trying again...

    Be patient - if it happened once, chances are it'll happen again. I'm in the same boat as I have a 2 yo as well and we got pregs the first month trying for her... Seems unfair to be trying for months this time around...

    babydust to all.....
  • awww sorry ur feeling low hun! not much i can really say... hopefully april BFP? (((hugs))) xxxx
  • hi hun sorry your af arrived mine is 3 days late and im just thinking af is gonna show any min so dont wana test and see bfn. babydust for this cycle for you xxx
  • Big hugs to you justmarried. Try and get your PMA up for next month, this could be your month xxx
  • Sorry she got you image

    My luteal phase has always been 10 days (although was 9 days a couple of months ago) and we have a 10 month old son.

    If you're worried it would be worth going to the doctors as they can do hormone tests.

    I had one just before I got my last BFP which showed my progesterone levels were lower than normal (but I still got pregnant anyway)

  • Hi JustMarried,

    I am back TTC after a bit of a break but noticed before that my LP was quite short - about 9 days, but put this down to stress and having recently come off the contraceptive implant.

    I remember that I was advised on here that there's something natural you can take to lengthen your LP - possibly Agnus Castus (sp?), maybe one of the other ladies can confirm?

    Good luck for lucky month number 3 xx
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