Well as the title says im 4 DPO.

The next 10 days are going to be the longest 10 days in the world. Should be testing around 19th if no AF.

I have really sore (.)(.) today and last night whilst i was at work i had a really strange dizzy spell, where i had to sit down.

Its probably not even related & i have said that i will not symptom spot. Its way to early to even have any symptoms!!!!!!!!!!

Anyone else 4DPO?????


  • sounds good hun, ive not OVd yet this month, so not around the same time as you, but good luck and keep us posted! i keep on touching my (.)(.) just to see if they r sore lol. silliness i no, but im just wishing they would hurt so that i could maybe get a BFP! xxx
  • I'm 4DPO and I agree about the wait its dragging already! am due the 19th but will try to hold off til the 20th if there is no sign

    Babydust xx
  • Hey,

    I should be the same. I am in no doubt i will be POAS from the 15th (10dpo) as i am very impatient and have no will power, LOL.

    Am i correct in thinking your from Essex?
  • yeah that right - I would love to but poas earlier that AF due date doens't ever work for me

    Where r you from Gemma?
  • Im Colchester. How about you?
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