starting month 3 ... and so down


We're just starting month 3 of TTC and I can't get over how upset I am that we're not pregnant yet!

Its going to sound even worse as I only had my beautiful boy in May and I know we'r trying soon! I'm kicking myself for not trying earlier :cry:

My other half is very much it will happen when it happens - but I am starting to really fixate - hence why I have steered clear of the forum!

I've come back and there have been so many BFP - I feel horridly jealous x Although I am so please for our graduated girlies!

I really don't understand how my OH super sperm that confounded a condom when we weren't trying and now we are nothing, To make it worse AF been late each month and I keep developing POAS itis!

Ho hum - last month I made hubby have sex so much he got bored of it!!!!!!


Needed that rant x :x

Ah well heres to this month and making a Christmas Candy Cane!


  • Are you breast feeding you lil boy as I have heard it is harder to concieve when breast feeding

    Maz x
  • No - EBM for 5 weeks as my little chunker had latching issues x

    and my milk has definitely gone! x
  • good luck you get your BFP in month 3 image
  • Sorry to hear you are so down.

    Have you tried checking ov pattern? Im sure I have read that cycles can be different after giving birth.

  • yea and whilst its great that you want to expand ur family so soon hun, it may be your bodys way of saying it needs a rest for a bit, there could be raised hormone levels still which are stopping u from ovulating regularly, but please stay +v. some people have been trying since before u concieved your little boy so try to focus on the positive. good luck hun x
  • I know x And I know I'm very lucky to have had my boy as there are others who are still trying x

    I think its mainly because we want 3 children and we wanted them close together so I can leave work after the third x

    Feeling better today just having a down day! x
  • glad to hear ur feeling better hun. heart wrenching tho isnt it, we failed TC after month 1 and was gutted, heres to this month for both of us! x
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