Not happy

Hey ladies

Well last night i decided not to drink (as im due to test in 2 days and have had alot of symptons).
So instead of people excepting it at the BBQ i went to, they kept handing me glasses and saying it was just soft drink when i tasted it, it was alcohol. then to top thinks off a drunk girl at the party threw her full glass at me and laughed like it was funny... Now i know how stupid i used to look when i drank!!

Sorry just needed a rant lol xx


  • aww hun, not good. i really dont understand the pressure to drink. i only low out every now and then, i now enjoy a few glasses of wine and lots of our weather is dreadful at the moment so that was my excuse to drive last
  • i feel so much more healthy this morning then in i had drank. I tried to use 'im driving' as an excuse, maybe i wont hang out with those sorts of ppl when their drinking again
  • you do feel much better dont you. i have got to the point where i want to enjoy my xmas dinner (so dont have much to drink on xmas eve) and today i will really enjoy my dinner and time with
  • I hardley drink any more because I really resent the hangover the next day! I really feel like its a waste of the day.
  • I feel great today, no hangover, not really tired, no work to go to image and what's even better is knowing people everywhere are waking up feeling like a truck has hit them :P ooooI'm evil... :lol:
  • Thanks guys that makes me feel heaps better, not such an outsider xx
  • I used the "antibiotics" excuse last night as I got a very faint second line 2 days ago (although this morning that turned to a definate BFN). But I was faced with "You can drink whilst on antibiotics, doctors even say so, blah blah blah!" I was also hounded by all my friends saying "You are soooo pregnant." To say it p1ssed me off is an understatement!
    But what was funny was that all my friends were so drunk that they could hardly stand up, and nearly all them fell out with their other halves in drunken rows! It was quite entertaining and made me feel quite smug about my sober state!! Tee hee! :lol:
  • Heehee Ruthiespoon, i feel quite smug too!! I saw a girl storm away from her bf in the freezing snow!!

    Its horrible when ppl say that you must be preg, it makes me feel so bad.

  • Hee hee! Homefairy it is funny watching drunk people! I know I have been like this in the past, but it has made me realise that it's not worth getting hammered on a night out. A couple of glasses if wine are ok, just was long as I can still walk in a straight line!
    Yeah, my friends really peed me off with all the baby accusations as I wanted so much to be preggers this month and tell hubby when he gets home tonight. But my friends weren't to know as we've not told them were TTC, but it still stings x x
  • We havent told anyone either-my cousin told everyone when they were trying but i just couldnt. Luckily they got preg quite quickly, but i wouldnt tempt fate. Itll be a bigger surprise for everyone once they find out.

  • That's our point too, we don't want to jinx our baby plans. Besides, if it takes us a long time, I couldn't bear everyone quizzing me about it everytime I saw them. But I want to ease off the alcohol to help with getting our BFP, and I know I'm going to have to go through the whole process everytime I have a sober night out. Hopefully they'll get bored soon enough! xx
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