Hi...new here just starting my journey

Hi all,

Well the title says it all i guess. Me and the OH started TTC about 2 months ago and i'm excired and nervous about the jorurney i'm about to take! I met the OH when i was just 13, childhood sweethearts and all that


  • Hi Aaji,

    Welcome to the weird, wonderful and often crazy world of ttc! So sweet that you and your oh are childhood sweethearts!
    Wishing you all the very best and hope you get your bfp soon xx
  • Hi
    I'm new to this forum too and very excited about ttc. In fact I'm a bit impatient about it.

    Good Luck xx
  • Hi Vix,
    Big welcome to you too! xx
  • Thank you for your welcome! Just wondered I have just come off the pill (should have re started the new pack 4 days ago) started taking the pregncare vitamins (advocated by this site) does it take long for periods to get back to normal?? xx
  • Thanks! And yeah from holding hands in the playground to being 28 and trying for a family is crazy i never expected it but he's my soul mate image

    Vix i know exactly what you mean i'm pretty impatient too it's sending me crazy already lol!

  • Hi Aaji,

    lol I feel your pain!! I have read every piece of google information I can and my thirst for knowledge is still not quenched!! I think we just all have to see what happens and go for the flow but thats all easier said then done. xx
  • Wow, true childhood sweethearts! Welcome to ttc!

    Its addictive and not always easy but this forum is a good way to pass the time!! x
  • Welcome to ttc! Hope your stay is short and you graduate to Due in .... soon!

  • Thank you guys! Is so nice to have a warm friendly welcome image

    Lol Vix you sound just like me! We've been talking about TTC for the last 5 years but never tried cos of finances and other boring things...now we're sorted home wise and financially we decided to take the next step but i already feel like i've been waiting forever!

    Good luck to all of us! Babydust all round
  • hi and welcome! lots of luck to you X
  • Aajimama
    Welcome to the forum. You're like me and my hubby. We've been together since we were 14 (12 years).
    Good luck and I hope you get your BFP soon x
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