so fed up, pma has taken a dive :(

hey ladies, as some of you know my af is late, ive had funny cycles, but this is seriously late, 8 days late, and ive never had this unless ive been pregnant with my 2 ds. so i thought id do a test this morning, and its come up negative, i dont feel too good, i dont know if i should make an appointment with the doctor for monday if af doesnt turn up by then. just a bit of history i had a mc end of march, and the 3 cycles ive had, have been 5 weeks, 3 weeks and another 3 weeks. so stuck in limbo and dont know what to do image


  • Awww hun, im so sorry to hear that you are having to go through all this! Our bodies can be so cruel at times! I think you should go to the doc and find out whats going on. I really hope you get things sorted and get your super sticky bfp very soon xxx
  • oh honey how rubbish, do you know if you oved this cycle, it horrible waiting for AF to come, my 9 weeks cycle was awful, hope the doc can help and that you quickly get your aticky bean x
  • Aww Sophie hope yr okay.x Af not come yet which is a good thing. Could be that bfp just needs a few more days to show up image) ((hugs))) xx
  • Do you know when you ov'd?
    I was in the same position last week, thought I was about a week late but must have ov nearly 2 weeks late as got my BFP on Sunday. I put mine down to the MMC so you could still be a little messed up from the mc.

    Lots of luck xxx
  • thanks ladies, i havent really been keepin track of when i ovulate this cycle, so thats why ive brought ovulation sticks to use next cycle so i know when i ovulate. gonna wait til monday and then make an appointment to see the doctors. hate all this irregular cycles lol, the things we go thru just to have a baby heh. am remaining positive though xx
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