some advice please?! update on doctors

just wondered if you can have 'cycles' without having af? sounds unlikely, but i know you can OV without af - so wondered if you could OV more than once without having af?
i want to know if its worth using ovulation tests to see if/when i ov - rather than waiting for this goddamn af! (sorry...getting a little narked with not having it!)

also - went to docs yesterday and she told me to NOT to take agnus castus anymore and that she was 'concerned' over my symptoms and that i should test every week till af.

anyone got any suggestions for POAS? i am currently using superdrug. is it worth getting something else? xxx


  • she would have told you to stop taking it uncase you are preg already since your only supposed to take it before ov then stop,its more for shortning cycles rather then say bringing it on

    i used asda ones with my DS but if your testing until af arrives then i wouldnt spend too much x
  • she told me to stop taking it, as it could interfere with conceiving.
    she doesnt think herbal or other types of medicene should be used when trying to conceive. just thought i would let people who are taking it, know.
    bit annoyed, as i was hoping it would re-start af. x
  • not all docs do agree with things like that,i stopped taking it myself but i no of ladies who would say it helped them get their bfp's
  • i am really worried, as i do want to continue taking it - i want all the help i can get. i dont want to not take it and risk not getting af for 6 months - but i dont want to take it and risk not having my body in the optimum shape. HELP! xx
  • what cd are you on now? did the doc not suggest anything for you?
  • whats CD? sorry to be stupid!
    i am not sure when/if i even did ov, so not sure really.
    all i know is that i came off pill 30th nov, had withdrawal bleed etc and then nothing. no CM, nothing. lots of bd and now 'symptoms' - but quite a bit of cm over the last week.
    doc suggested just waiting really. x
  • CD = cycle day,day 1 is the first day of red blood

    have you noticed any EWCM its clear and stretchy not like the usual creamy cm sorry tmi lol its not been that long for you really chick i would maybe just wait also since you are newly off the pill
  • yeah i know, thats what i thought - just wait....easier said than done!
    CM is still creamy, i think - yellowy really, so not EWCM.
    just wish i knew what my body was doing!!! thanks for advice xx
  • nothing else i can suggest esp if thats what the doc suggested also sorry
  • Hi LivvyS

    I know its a pain - I have been waiting for my AF since sept so lets hope yours isnt as long as me! I have been diagnosed with PCOS though but hoping that when I get my AF it will sort my cycles out and will be a bit more regular than 4 months +!!!! I took AC until a couple of weeks ago when I thought I was OV but not sure if I was or not but have stopped taking it now until after AF
  • Hi LivvyS...I feel your pain!!! I'm STILL waiting for second CD87!! I spoke to a nurse about Agnus Castus and she said she didn't recommend it at all - and she also said that many doctors believe that the reason some people think it helps them is because once they start taking it they relax a bit, thinking that they're helping themselves, and this brings on AF / helps them conceive - so she was saying that it's believed it's more psychological. I don't know if that's true, but just thought I'd let you know!
    I'm getting my blood test results hopefully this week - the wait is killing me! I will really be so happy the day AF turns up...especially as I have a CBFM waiting to be used (although I don't know if it will work for me at the moment if my cycles are going to carry on being so long!)
    I do ov tests every day at the moment - I buy cheap ones off the internet. Although I'm finding them very confusing!! When I first started using them I always seemed to get a second line, but it was never as dark as the test line. And then I was sure that for a couple of days the line was a bit darker than normal (although still not as dark as the test line) and then it went faint again. The last two days there's been barely any second line at all, I really had to look closely to see it, so I really have no clue as to what's going on!!!
    Did your dr say you could have blood tests or a scan to put your mind at rest, or do you have to wait a bit longer?
    Sorry for my rambling message, this is just something that is on my mind ALL the time at the moment!!!! xx
  • hi mrsS - the doc didnt say i could have a scan or blood test. she seemed pretty non plussed about it all really. but that made me feel better in a way, if you know what i mean? ive not been trying that long, in the grand scheme of things, so i think ijust have to wait (arrrgh!)
    where do you buy ov tests from? i am going to start testing every other day.
    do you know if you get like a 'build' up - i.e. does the line gradually ger darker. i only ask, as i dont want to test EVERY day, maybe every 3 days or so, but dont want to miss it!

    i can totally see that when people take AC, they relax. i am trying SO hard to relax, but its so hard - as i am sure you can imagine!
  • oh...and good luck with the blood tests, i am sure they will be fine x
  • Hi Livvy,

    I just wanted to let you know I stopped taking the pill on the 7th December and I still haven't had AF yet. But last week I did have all the things you're experiencing, cramps etc. and I got a positive OV on Saturday so maybe you're coming up to OV too.

    I know it's a pain in the bum, but there are some people on here who haven't seen AF for coming up to 6 months - don't you just love the pill now?! lol

    HappyMrsS - the day before I got my positive I got a faintish line, the next day I got a really strong line, then the next day nothing again. I always made sure I didn't drink anything for 2 hours and then tested. It also tells you not to use your first morning urine and instead test between 10am and 8pm. Not sure if that's a help?

    I would say that you OVd when you had the stronger lines - you might have got your surge in the evening if you tested in the morning (if that makes any sense?)
  • Hi Livvy,

    With OV tests you need to take them every day, the LH surge which the tests detect only lasts a short time (around 12-48 hours, usually about 24 hours though) so if you don't take a test every day you could quite easily miss it.

    Best of luck xx
  • Hi Livvy - yes it's a good sign that your dr doesn't think there's anything to worry about! Mine was pretty sure that it's the same for me so fingers crossed for both of us! Like MrsKP says you do really need to do the ov tests every day because you could easily miss your peak if you don't. I got my tests from eBay if I remember right - if you type in ovulation sticks or tests loads come up and they're all pretty much the same so just pick the cheapest!
    Hi yummy_mummy_2be, thanks for your message. I usually test between 5pm and 7pm - basically as late as I can hold it for until dinner!!! I find it really hard not drinking or going to the loo for 3 hours before testing but I do usually manage it just! If that was my peak then AF should be here at the end of this week...fingers crossed! Obviously I'd prefer a BFP but can't see that happening! Also, if you're pregnant you get positive ovulation tests don't you?
  • yummy mummy 2 be - i hope i did OV, as my CM did get worse last week, but didnt do much BD - so no chance of BFP!
    MrsKP and MrsS - thanks for the advice, just wondered if there's any point in me starting now, or just waiting...not sure what for! it will just annoy me if i waste a load of OV tests and in a week or so, AF comes! it so difficult to know where my body is, in terms of cycle etc!

    this is going to sound like a silly Q - but those OV tests on ebay...the 'strip' ones. they say you ave to pee in a pot and put the strip in....can you just use it like a 'normal one' and pee ON it?!
  • Livvy - one other thing I do is also track my temps with fertility friend. I got my thermometer off amazon for about ??5 and it came with 10 free ovulation sticks and 10 cheapy pregnancy tests. My temps went straight up after I had Ovd so it's easy to tell once its happened (but can't predict when it's coming up if you see what I mean)

    And yes you have to pee in a pot cos you've got the hold the stick in the pee for min of 10 seconds. We now have a pee pot in the bathroom that I use lol

    This TTC lark is soooo not sexy
  • Haha, yummy_mummy-2be, we have a pee pot in the bathroom too!!!
    LivvyS it's horrible not knowing where you are isn't it? I just wish there was some way of knowing if AF was coming in the next few weeks or not! I've been carrying on with the sticks but thinking maybe I should stop now and just wait and see if AF turns up because every day I force myself not to go to the loo or drink for three hours and it seems a bit pointless at the moment!! xx
  • ...but you have to hold the pg tests in urine for 10 secs? i think i will just have to resort to the fact that we too may have to have a pee pot in our toilet!
    i have to always clear away all signs of TTC when parents or friends come over (magazines, sanatogen tablets, ov tests, pg tests!!!!) the list is getting bigger!

    mrsS - yes i agree, not peeing fr 3 hours or drinking, seems pontless if you dont know where you are in your cycle, which is why i am a bit reluctant.
    i may just carry on with bd every other day or so and wait for af.
    just dont feel like bd much at the mo...v, moody - maybe thats a good sign tho...!!!
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