How long is my LP?

How long is my luteal phase?? I have no idea. I got a pos opk last friday 16th and must have ov between friday nite and sat evening as done another OPK and got a non smiley, think I had ewcm too but not loads.

So my cycles used to be 35 then went to 40, 45 and if that was right and I ov last week then have gone back to a 35ish day cycle.

Does anyone know how long your luteal phase can be as to keep mine the way it is and af due 8th may based on a 45 day cycle that would give me a 22 day LP.

So do I assume af is due sometime early next week i.e 14-16 day LP??




  • Everyone has a different LT phase, mine was 9 days, but could also go up to 16/18 I think
  • Hi sparkling diamond, you LP doesn't change it should pretty much stay the same give or take a day each month (from what i've read) but the time you ovulate can change therefore making your cycle longer/shorter.

    If you look back at previous cycles then you may be able to work out when your af is due by how long it has normally been from ovulation to af.

    A LP of 22 days sounds very long so you will probably get af sooner. If you got your positive 16th then ovulated the following day, 18th would be 1dpo so yes u would expect af this weekend/early next week.

    I'm in the same boat as since my mc my cycles went from 28 days to 39 days. I got my positive on sun 18th (cd 19) and normally have a lp of 12 days (i think) so hoping (or not) to get af this weekend. If i went on my last 39 day cycle i wouldn't be due af until 8th may making my lp 19 days which from looking back it has never been that long.

    Hope this helps. xx
  • Thanks hun

    I will try to work back from previous cycles. I am having tests done at the docs as af's been getting longer and only lasting an hour or so when they arrive.

    So ive had pink spotting leading up to af but only a very light period each time.

    Hard to work out my af dates as think I could have gone back to a 35 day cycle this month.

  • Hi

    I have just worked out my LP and from last ov to af it was 18 days

    So from this month OV 16th April AF due 4th May so gonna be a long weekend he he but no tests in only a CBD and not going to use that as dont want to break my heart all over again.

    Am waiting to see if AF turns up first xx
  • Hi SD, sorry to hear you still having a nightmare time, thinking of you and hope you get that BFP soon, sweet. Zxx
  • Thanks ZLS23 sorry to hear about your mc hun hope your ok and get a BFP soon hun.

  • Thanks sweet - here's to us both falling very soon!! Zxx
  • Oh my goodness, now I'm confussed I thought evereyone had pretty much the same lp of about 14 days?? and it was just the time before ov that varied? My last cycle was 70+ days and I thought I would have ov,d about day 56? I'm super confussed now. Good luck with the testing Sp, really hope its bfp for u this month xxx
  • Hi hun,

    People can have a LP ranging from 8 - 19 days I think but you can ov early but the time between ov and af should always remain the same whether its 9, 10, 14 or 18 days long.

    I have super long cycles so not fair image

  • Oh I see, very confussing. Well I'm still unsure of my cycles, must be horrid having such a long wait, hope u get ur bfp this month xx
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