Calling ladies who have had bfps!

I just wondered if you could list your symptoms leading up to testing for all the ladies on their 2ww, it gives us something to hope for. thanks and congratulations. xx

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  • What a good idea rubyred! lol. xx
  • 1. tender sore boobs especially around the nipple and sides of my boobs. Noticed a couple of days ago that they had gone hard too.
    2. Feeling queasy with nausea. Actually physically sick 2 days ago and have been since
    3. Headaches nearly every day, especially when im tired
    4. Loads of CM. Clear to white in colour
    5. Quite overwhelming tiredness but sleeping really well at night. In bed by 9pm most nights
    6. Off certain smells such as coffee and cigarette smoke
    7. Been a bit more thirsty for the last couple of days
    8. weeing more- about every hr or so for last couple of days
    9. Bleeding gums when I brush my teeth. Checked with dentist and this is normal.
    10. Stuffy nose with slight nose bleeds
    11. Emotional over silly little things
    12. Snappy and very irritable

    dont know if this is any help to anyone

  • i forgot to add
    13. Feeling hotter than usual
    14. Crampy pain like af was coming
    15. A pulling pain in my lower abdomen on the left
    16. Twinges in my lower back
    17. Being a bit clumsy and forgetfull
    18. Bit of a floaty head but only really had that for about 4 days

  • Still can't believe i'm really pregnant. I'm on day 29 now 13dpo but I tested on 9dpo and got my bfp!!


    Straight after ovulation - CM never stopped, was white and clear and had it all the time!

    4dpo - 5dpo - felt emotional, got really cross a few times over silly things and almost burst into tears when my Dad made innocent comment!

    5dpo - Funny taste in mouth - disgusting, couldn't get rid of it!

    5dpo + - on and off had achey boobs but not really painful just dull ache

    5dpo + - heart racing could feel it when trying to sleep, started having more vivid dreams and more wakeful. Waking earlier in morning.

    5dpo + - suddenly needed to wee more!

    7dpo + Felt really exhausted especially in afternoons, couldn't stop yawning.

    7dpo - hungry and craving sweet things. Came home from work and ate everything in sight!:lol:

    By 7dpo I felt pregnant and as i've been pregnant before recognised some of the symptoms - dying to test by then!! Finally cracked on 9dpo and got BFP!! Since then still really tired and feel a bit sick when smell strong food smells. Feel a bit like i've got a bad hangover at the mo!!

    I used digital ov sticks to get my fertile days and then bd for three days, we did it from behind, both o (tmi!) and then legs in the air!

    Good luck everyone, wishing BFPs for all you trying!

  • Oh and 7dpo + crampy feeling in stomach, still have this one!
  • very emotional over stupid things.
    cm carried on after ov.
    very tired
    gone off coffee
    af type cramps but didnt last as long.

  • Gosh - sorry girls but I didn't really get symptoms until after had my BFP. May have been more tired than usual but put it down to other things. Did get lot of CM though so that would be my top symptom.
  • The only thing i have had is being very tired and asleep by 8 and some things taste wierd!!!!

    Also still got cm!!!
  • Hi,

    Very tired, but not sleeping very well image
    Sore boobs,
    Cramping but no AF, pains come and go at times,
    Feeling v.light-headed and fainted once, do suffer from low bp though,
    Sick, feeling and being sick at various times of day,
    HUNGRY for very starchy foods, pasta, bread, rice cakes etc etc.

    That's all I can think of so far.

    Rachel x
  • hello,
    im very tired but not really sleeping well
    feel alot warmer than usual, waking up in hot sweats
    very sore boobs
    feel hungry all the time
    and have felt sick a few times
    have got clear cm but not too much of it..

    so far thats it x

  • Hiya,

    I got my BFP on 11dpo - till then hardly any symptoms really, just lots of cm post ov and I had spots for the first time since I came off the pill. Since the BFP (am now on 14dpo) I've been having head rushes and felt quite faint, am also quite tired and feel hot. Hope that helps!

    Em x
  • Thank you ladies, your great! Hope all those on their 2ww will be getting their bfps very soon. xx
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