first month off the pill. . . Impatient!

hi ladies! Well im new to this site, but it looks fab! Im 24 and have one little boy who will be 3 on friday, me and hubby decided to try for another baby so i took my last pill microgynan on the 15th march, then had usual pill break bleed on the 19th march, if i was counting 28 days from the 19th i would be due on this friday but me being me have taken a couple of tests earlier this week which were negative image was i testing too early? Im confused cos i dont know where to count from, i really cant wait to be preg its all i think about! Around the 2nd april i had bad tummy cramps and really white discharge, was this ovulation? With my little boy i got preg straight after the pill im hoping its the same this month! Has anyone else recently come off the pill like me? X x x


  • hiya, congrtas on ttc#2. on the 2nd it may of been OV, yeah which means AF would be due, 14 days after that (approx,) so i would say you are due around 16th so yeah probly tested a lil bit early.

    i came off my pill end of jan, only just got my AFs back to normal, ad lots of girlies on here camne off around the same time, and havent had theyre AF yet! lol, was you on microgynon b4 ur first aswell? xxxxx
  • thanks for replying so soon! Yes was on microgyanan with my first too, i guess i was lucky then after reading everyones comments i didnt realise it could take so long, have you had any preg like symptoms since coming off the pill? I have been convinced i have had but i think it must all be in my head or the effects off coming off the pill, iv got a test in my drawer but im not goin to use it till friday or maybe saturday cos i hate seeing the one line image orrr fingers crossed for you, bet your relieved your periods are back to normal! Ill have to wait and see with mine, the waiting game is awful! Lol! X
  • lol thats ok, im bored at work! hehehe. yeah i was on microgynon too, i had so many preg symptoms! i was convinced i was! dont wanna sound negative tho, coz u still could be! my boobs hurt, i felt sick, i had headaches, tummy aches/pulling. its settled down now tho thank god! yeah im happy that my AFs are back, (i think/hope they are anyway lol) yeah save testing til sat hun1 good luck! xxxxxxxxx
  • lol im just getting ready for work image cant concentrate tho think im obsessed with tests and symptoms! Ha ha! Yeah your symptoms were similar to mine, mild cramps like i was about to have af, iv been more three than usual but that could be me just bein lazy! Ha ha! Iv headaches which i never normally have and i bit emotional, our pet rabbit bit me last night not badly but i cried like a baby! And hubby deleted somethin id recorded on the tele the other day and i started cryin! Lol! Whats that about! But like you say all there symptoms are prob from comin off pill, with my first i had really bad cramps but when i was 6 weeks preg, so think the cramps i have had this month is just my body adjusting . . . Well fingers crossed anyway! Are you currently waiting for af to arrive this month have you started trying? X x x
  • tired not three! Lol!
  • LOL at random cryinbg! bless ya! u never no tho hun! u could also be preg, its so hard to judge as the symtpoms are so similar! yeah we are ttc at the mo, i thinki OV'd yesterday or the day b4 so we BD'd so just waiting now! lol woohoo! have fun at work.....
  • lol as im new . . . What does bd mean? I think i know but what does it stand for? Lol! Orrr well good luck to you too hun!!! image He he! Hope u Have a good day! X
  • Hi, welcome to the mad world of ttc. Bd stands for babydancing (seximage I came off microgynon in march too. I've had no 'symptoms' at all, which I have been surprised about. I counted cd1 as the first day of full on withdrawal bleed, and counted 28 days from then for testing day. I am due to test on Sunday, but might just leave it until next week to see if af arrives. I'm trying for my 2nd, dd1 is 5. Good luck ttc x
  • hi! Wow so good to hear from someone who is in the first month after the pill too! Baby dancin! Thats great! Well iv done alot of that this month! Lol! Can i just ask what do you mean by cd1? So are you counting 28 days from the first day of your withdrawel bleed? Its my little boys birthday on friday so was hopin i will get a positive on that day which would mean id be due for christmas which is what iv always wanted, an xmas baby! But i really think im wishin for too much, i did a test on monday but was negative, it was a bit early tho i suppose x x x orrr good to hear from you hun!
  • CD, means cycle day...1,2,10 etc, CD1 is the first day of ur period, AF is aunt flo, if u didnt wrk that one out too lol. yeah i would count 28 days after the first day of your withdrawal bleed to start with image xmas pud would be lovely! yeah may of been too early, so ur not out yet image xxxxx
  • as *me* says cd1 should be first day of your period, or withdrawal bleed in this case! I tested yesterday, which is wayyyy to early, especially as it was a boots cheapie, waste of a pg test but I couldn't help it. Stupid poas (pee on a stick) urge, lol. Let us know the result if you do decide to test on the 16th xx
  • Hey and welcome.

    I also took my last pill on the 15th March but had my withdrawel bleed on the 17th which lasted about 5 days. I counted CD1 as the 17th as this is when it was in full swing.
    I ovulated on the 5th April. I know this as i had lots of EWCM, cramps fromthe 2nd and a pos OPK on the 4th.
    You should really wait 14 days from OV day.
    This gives me around a 33 day cycle. I should be testing around the 19th but i will prob test over the weekend a couple of days earlier.

    I have a 16 month old DD and like you when i came off the pill then i fell on month 2. Pretty quickly as i had been on the pill for 12 yrs solid. Im also hoping it will be the same this time round.

    Good luck.xxxx
  • hi! Thank you for the good lucks! Just got in from work, nearly did the test but resisted! Lol! Orrr good to hear from another girly at similar dates too me! I think i defo ovulated on the 2nd ish of april had bad cramps then really white cm a day or two after, we had sex on the day i had lots of cm so im praying! Im so glad i found this site so im not driving hubby mad! Ha ha! Let me know how you get on too! Ill have my fingers crossed for everyone! X
  • Hey nic,

    I know it was really naughty of me but i tested today at 9 DPO and got a faint BFP.
    Its obviously very early so im not getting my hopes up as there are downfalls of testing early. Will be testing again on Friday to make sure the line is still there and getting darker.
    Fingers crossed for you.xx
  • hi gemma! Wow congrats! It would be hard not to get excited! Thats fab news! Im just lay in bed debatin whether i should go and do mine, its only one day before af is due. . . Hmmmm i just dread the disappointment! Orrr well im made up for you! Defo do another test to make sure line still there which im sure it will be! X x x x x
  • Hi ladies, I'm g/c but I came off microgynon in september, never had an AF inbetween and got my BFP on Nov 24th after thinking AF had gone MIA due to the pill!
    Wish you all the best in getting your BFPs ladies, hopefully it'll happen quicker than you think image
    Ally & beanie, 25+6 xx
  • hi alzwalzyoo!!! did you have a proper af after comin off the pill in sept?? i have done a test today was suppose to be due af tomoro if counting 28 days from my pill bleed on the 19th march, anyway the test was negative im sooooo gutted!!!! image xxxx
  • hi alzwalzyoo!!! did you have a proper af after comin off the pill in sept?? i have done a test today was suppose to be due af tomoro if counting 28 days from my pill bleed on the 19th march, anyway the test was negative im sooooo gutted!!!! image xxxx
  • awww sorry u got a BFn hun xxx congrats gemma!
  • Sorry you got a bfn but its really not over just yet.
    I had cramps and ewcm on the 2nd but didnt actually OV until the 5th April. So it could be you are exactly the same as me. Even though it has shown a 2nd line for me at 9 & 10 DPO it may take a few more days for you as everyone is diffferent. Also the tests you used may not be very sensitive and they would need to be at 9/10DPO.
    Asda own brand detect 15miu where as CBD only detect 50miu. I have only tested on asda ones. I do have a FR upstairs but im keeping that til the weekend.
    Its really not over until AF arrives. You could have just OV later.
    Im keeping everything crossed for you.xxxx
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