any ideas?

hey ladies i hope your all well

i no ive stopped TTC for while but im still around,mostly staying in toddler but i was after a bit of help

My last aF was 8th Nov and it was 4 days late if i remember rightly,had usual AF nothing that was any different same length of time etc but as of yesterday im on another CD1 i felt the usual cramps etc so wasnt surprised at her arrival until i thought about when she was last here,thats only a 15 day cycle image ive got more pain than i usually get and maybe a stronger flow for me does anybody have any ideas what the fecks going on????

i was ttc for 18 months before and only stopped ttc about 2 weeks now,weve not been using anything or done anything different so i dont see why my cycle was so bloody short hhmmmmmmm

thanks Lisa x


  • Hey chick, i was going to say it could be the stress of everything you've got going on at the moment, but then doesn't that usually have the opposite effect?! I know you've had pretty irregular cycles anyway, but that does seem a bit strange. Did you test last month? Did you notice anything different about the last af? Think this might be one for the docs hun, there's no reason they have to know you've given up trying either - and this way when you do come to try again you can be referred straight away (i think you were gonna go in Jan if no bfp weren't you?) Xx
  • hey chick ive not really been stressed lately maybe a bit more relaxed i would say lol

    my cycles have been irregular yeah but the few motnhs before that it was mostly normal from 30-32 day cycles i have never had this happen to me tho

    i didnt test last month even tho i was late you no me lol and my Af was the same but late thats it lol

    i think i will visit the docs for a chat and il mention weve been ttc but chat more so about my cycles i think doing my nut in ggrrrr

    you ok chick xx
  • Hey babe, I have no idea what could have caused this but just wanted to see how ur doing.

    Maybe a trip to the docs would be best option?? x
  • hey chick hows you?

    its strange eh never have i had a 15 day cycle before,just doesnt make sense hhmm
  • Hiya, im feeling kinda fed up just now, hubby has the man flu and i daresay i will get it, giving up ttc till after new year then i can chill an enjoy xmas nites out.

    Ive never been that early its usually only a couple of days...hopefully someone will have experienced this. x
  • that sounds like an idea chick,enjoy yourself on last time lol

    i wouldnt have ov'd in that time either totally strange xx
  • have you made an appointment at the docs??

    yeah i intend to make the most of it, need to snap out of this fedupness for ttc in january lol x
  • Hi hun. The same thing happened to me last month. I had an 18 day cycle. Luckily i was seeing consultant that month nd asked his advice on it. He said it was probably an anovulatory cycle and that there was nothing to worry about as woman have one or two a year. I went on to ov perfectly (clomid and CBFM) the next month. That cycle was heavier than usual and more painful. Like i was having a good old clearout. Sorry for TMI but a bit of brown blood to start with.

    Easy to say i know but try not to stress hun. Know you are putting things on hold at the mo but this cycle could be lucky for you. I'm certainly hoping it is lucky for me after my strange one.

    Big hugs

  • Hi Grudie,
    I had a shorter cycle one month completely unexplainned too and the next month back to my normal (ish) cycle lengths. I would say get it checked though if it's on your mind as that might go on to cause you unneccessary/unwated stress - and maybe try and find a really friendly Doc who you can chat to with ease. Good luck honey xxx
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